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From the CD 'The Citadel of Cynosure and Other Tales' this shows the progressive side of CITADEL in a music piece that takes a listener on a journey to the land of Lothlorien -- inspired by the Lord of The Rings.
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play hi-fi  Dungeons of War - Live in Hollywood © Citadel®
play hi-fi  Escaping Nepthon (lothlorien) © Citadel®
play hi-fi  Mindshine (brainglow) © by CITADEL ®
play hi-fi  Mid-Winter's Morning Chant © Citadel ®
play hi-fi  Mid-Winter's Night Dream © Citadel ®
Citadel® started as a band in the late seventies with "Silence of Surrender" on the first QFM Hometown Album & live Agora simul-cast in Columbus, Ohio. In 1990, their debut CD, "The Citadel of Cynosure & Other Tales" was chosen as "Best of KLOS Local Licks" in Los Angeles.

Shows from Ohio to California include The Agora (Newport), Legend Valley, Troubadour, Roxy and many more. The self-produced band also originated and co-produced the first ProgFest at UCLA's Royce Hall - this event changed the face of progressive music and spawned countless similar festivals across the globe.

Citadel®'s most recent releases, "Vintage Vinyls" "Crosses or Crowns?" "Swords or Shields?" and others are available at CDBaby and thru, along with MP3 downloads, lyrics, photos...

Now based on the West Coast, the band is always changing members around founder, R. Douglass/G. Whitman. Each album features a revolving lineup of Citadel alumni and newbies.

You can also find Citadel® on Facebook, iLike, YouTube, MySpace, etc. - Hear & See Citadel® and experience for yourself that which defies the norm and shatters genre borders!!! With over 10 different CD, Cassette, LP and DVD releases to their credit, Citadel® is just what you're looking for...

CITADEL ® Is a Registered US Trademark. All Rights Reserved and Used With Exclusive Permission
Why this name?
Why: It fits into the lyric/storyline artwork concept arc of our band, we like the three syllable rhythm, and the symbolism. We are a fortress of musical diversity against genre restrictions.

How: Exhaustive search of tradename records, lots of cash to the state and US registrars, legal fees, publishing for opposition, Sec 8 renewals and cyclic renewal (plus more $) to the USPTO. That is why we can and are legally bound to put the following:

CITADEL ® Is a Registered US Tradename. All Rights Reserved and Used With Exclusive Permission
Do you play live?
Our shows are based around releases and publications, and the geographical area of the concert determines the member configuration of the band on stage. Write us at for live show details.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Now it is much easier for the indie artist to garner attention and audience, likewise it is easier for garbage to flood the net. This is the future, this is the only way, the old music machine is dying from self-starvation and a reputation of stagnation...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
You have got to be kiddin'...have you read a standard label contract recently?
Band History:
Over the years, a variety of intergalactic sources have been established for accessing the multimedia material of the
Sci-Fi-Fantasy Rock Band, Citadel®,
which was founded by Whitman & Hutchison.

The Links Here Are Provided For You To Access The Band's Music, Videos, Lyrics, etc. as well as for links to band members sites.

You can contact us through

All Citadel Creative Content Produced by Whitman and is ©RMD/W.E./Citadel

All Rights Are Reserved & Use Herein Is With Author, Publisher and Agent Authority.

All Material is Protected Under U.S. & International Copyright & Tradename Laws!
Your influences?
Kansas, Yes, Rush, Jethro Tull, Styx, Queen, Gentle Giant, UK, Shadowfax, Klaatu, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Alan Parsons, Boston, AD and more....
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Vorlon Technology
Anything else...?
Citadel® Members, Past and Present:

G. Whitman
Fletcher Neal Hutchison
Wayne Stephens
Dan Smart
Kiki Wow
John Ettore
Brad Ettore
Jeff Wears
Jeff Martin
Ian Michaels
Matt Sachs
Roger Imwaly
Christian Marks
R. Douglass-Whitman
Jim Anderson
Hugo Sotelo
J. Whitman an ever evolving lineup with a Whitman or two...always inviting collaborators!!!
Citadel ~ D'ANthologie 2 - Crosses or Crowns?
Citadel ~ The Citadel of Cynosure & Other Tales
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