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Welcome to the SOUNDCLICK Page of Cebu Philippines' Deah Metal Band ASTARUS. You can also visit the official Astarus homepage @
Why this name?
ASTARUS is derived from the word "ASTAROT," the name for a certain demon. Few bands around the world have used the name Astarot not checking if they're the only one using it. To avoid having the same name with other bands, we changed it to ASTARUS since we love the name ASTAROT!
Do you play live?
we play occasionally in some local bars here in our town
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it changed for the better and for some, it is trouble
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes, yes, yes
Band History:
September – drummer Jan Chin and bass/vocalist Pablo Maquiling, Jr. formed their first original band, ABADDON.
March - ABADDON broke up.
April - Chin and Maquiling joined JOE MARKUS, an old school hard core band.
Chin plays bass guitar and Maquiling on standing vocals. They recorded a demo song entitled "Hepap."
- Joe Markus discontinued after 2 months.
July - Chin joined RED VETTE together with ABADDON guitarist Ray Soco.
October - RED VETTE joined contest gigs like JAG ROCK BIVOUAC, RJ Battle of the Bands and others.
November - RED VETTE broke up.
December - Chin and Maquiling teamed up with Arman Gabia from HANZ/RED VETTE to form LAPIDA which
will be later known as NEVERMIND.
- LAPIDA played in Tubigon, Bohol for one night and disbanded.
January - Gabia continued with LAPIDA and submitted a demo entitled “BUDHI NG ALAK” for 99.5 RT’s BUGS II.
- He was joined by bassist Mark Bascones and drummer Jose dela Victoria III from JOE MARKUS.
Bascones changed their name to NEVERMIND.
May - Chin and Maquiling formed back ABADDON with a new name under NOSFERATU.
- Chin later chooses ASTARUS to be the new name before releasing their debut LP, Bound To Carrion
in the next 2 years.
- They were joined by guitarists Carlo Jaca of ASTAROT / RED VETTE and Louie Sarcon of ASTAROT /
AMNESIA, the original ASTARUS line-up.
December - Jaca is fired from ASTARUS and was replaced by SIGNOS / ABYSS guitarist Glenn Dacua.
July – Maquiling left ASTARUS and was replaced by Enrique del Mar, Jr. of KUNDINADO.
December - ASTARUS' first out-of-town concert gig at Tubigon, Bohol.

August – the debut LP “BOUND TO CARRION” is released as a cassette tape with 9 tracks, including the
ironic visayan ballad song “PAGDILI SA DRUGA.”

March - ASTARUS headlined “NECROFEAST: A CRACKS THE SILENCE CONCERT” in support of their
May – Chin and Dacua got arrested for drug charges, but were later released the next day.
August - del Mar left ASTARUS after being converted to Born Again Christian.
October - del Mar played guitar, recorded and released an album with a Christian-punk band called RAPTURE.
January - Dacua is fired from ASTARUS.
February - Cesar Solis of KUNDINADO / BETRAYER filled the slot left vacant by del Mar.
March – vocalist Juno Pegarido of 5 LITTLE INDIANS / KUNDINADO joined ASTARUS.
May – Maquiling returned to ASTARUS after Pegarido failed to show up for a gig and was immediately
replaced permanently.
August - ASTARUS played in “METALFEAST: A CRACKS THE SILENCE CONCERT" with Maquiling handling guitar
after some "dickhead" cried before the band and begged very hard for them to let him sing.
September – lead guitarist Bobby Tadlip of KILLER TOMATOES joined ASTARUS making the band a five-piece
metal act.

January - The first Official ASTARUS Homepage is created.
- Chin and Del Mar played live with the punk band CLINTON’S BILL. Chin played drums while Del Mar on
They also recorded a 2-song demo which appeared in the punk compilation CD entitled
- Chin played drums live with the newly-revived JOE MARKUS in different local clubs. JOE MARKUS played
mostly cover songs from FILTER.
January – Solis left ASTARUS.
- Maquiling returned to the bass/vocal duties, setting the band back to it’s original four-piece line-up.

May - A new line-up was considered with Paul Camoro of ABYSS handling bass/vocals after Maquiling
relocated to Manila.
June – the line-up, however, never materialized after Sarcon was recruited by Camoro to play guitar instead,
for an RNB band called HARD PART (previously MODE 101). Sarcon later refuses to play live with
ASTARUS anymore.

April - OPEN THE CASKET EP is released as a 5-track CD which included a cover version of METALLICA’s
Creeping Death.
October – With only two remaining members, drummer Jan Chin and guitarist Bobby Tadlip were joined back by
singer Juno Pegarido and bass guitarist Cesar Solis, filling the vacant slots for a concert gig at Emall
in downtown Cebu City.
July - Tadlip left ASTARUS.
August - Glenn Dacua returned to ASTARUS filling in for Tadlip's departure while Juno Pegarido picked up the
Bass when Cesar Solis retired indefinetly from playing music.
- ASTARUS joined the prestigious global battle of the bands. They played their new heavy metal ballad
"RAIN MAN" in front of social audiences at RATSKY's AYALA with two additional "guest" musicians on
bass and on guitar. ASTARUS lost to AVRIL LAVINGE on the first night.
November – ASTARUS performed at Inilog Grill in Mandaue City for the “LIVE BLASPHEMIES” fund raising
concert. This is the band’s contribution for the benefit of CEBU EXTREME MUSIC PRODUCTION.

January - Jan Chin and Juno Pegarido formed their other band ARPEGGIO playing heavy metal in an attempt to
play nighlty in local clubs.
April - drummer Rol Plan joined ASTARUS replacing for the first time Jan Chin, Chin later switched to guitar and
vocal duties.
May - ARPEGGIO's 3 other members started to leave the band one by one, leaving Chin and Pegarido with
no choice but to disband.
September - ASTARUS continues to participate in concerts, this time CEBU EXTREME MUSIC PRODUCTION is
teaming up with ZUGLU PRODUCTIONS, performing in venues from Inilog Grill Restaurant to
Boss Grill Restaurant.
- Glenn Dacua and Jan Chin met with guitar hero and DANGER DANGER's "new axeman" Rob Marcello at a
product demo in SM City-Cebu.
October – the new Official ASTARUS Homepage is created.
November - guitarist Arnel Patatag of Kundinado joined ASTARUS, switching Jan Chin's role to standing
- A week later, Jan Chin leaves ASTARUS after being in the band for 13 years. He is the last remaining
original member of the band to leave.

May - Jan Chin and Louie Sarcon returned to ASTARUS, replacing Rol Plan and Arnel Patatag who are being
considered to join former bassist Cesar Solis in forming back KUNDINADO.
August - Louie Sarcon is replaced by Arpeggio guitarist James Pantonial.
November - Louie Sarcon is hired back while Rol Plan temporarily fills in for Jan Chin indefinetly.

January - Glenn Dacua invited Terence and Charlie of Beelzebub to fill in for Juno Pegarido and Louie Sarcon.
Your influences?
megadeth, old sepultura, slayer, old metallica, deicide, sodom, death, anthrax, skid row, yngwie malmsteen, michael angelo batio and others
Favorite spot?
BUDOKAN!!! and Zzubu Rockbar
Equipment used:
pearl drums, vic firth drum sticks, sabian cymbals, ernie ball gtr. picks, marshall amps, schure microphones; boss, dod, zoom and digitech guitar effects; b.c. rich guitars; washburn guitars; kramer guitars; ibanez bass guitars
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