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David Trabue
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"I am Everyman, and the things inside of me
are in everyman. They just vary in degree.
I'm a poet, I'm a pauper, I'm a preacher, I'm a king.
I am Everyman and a part of everything."
Kentucky Dave '93

Why this name?
An interesting trio (me, myself & I) collaborated one night after tiring of previous attempts to find backing harmonists.

Do you play live?
After spending most of my life playing regularly in front of people for a living I tend to play only for fun now (not that it wasn't fun then). I have a new band called Beargrass Creek. Great fun! Google them.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
IPod sales went up. CD sales went down.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure! They can contact me through this venue.
Band History:
Once up a time there was a young boy who wanted to play guitar... He pestered his mom so much even only at the age of 6 that she decided to take the lessons herself & give the lessons to him, figuring he wouldn't stick with it. Unfortunately she came home with a Hawaiian guitar lesson plan. Kinda funny since now he loves to dink around with dobros, lap steels & pedal steels, but at the time all he could say was, "no Mom - Roy Rogers, not Don Ho.... Gene Autrey, not Don Ho...." He just wanted to strum while he sang; and he'd been singing since he could talk.

David Alan Trabue, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, spent his formative years with the wealth of influences the musical center of the state has to offer. With clubs open till 4:00 A.M. every night and the diversity a large metropolitan area draws to those venues, Dave had a huge pool of talent to learn from, such as:
Bluegrass Alliance with Dan Crary , who Dave regularly opened for with a folk trio at the famous Red Dog Saloon. New Grass Revival evolved from the Alliance as one of the premier progressive bluegrass groups and a major influence on that genre. Dave shared the stage with New Grass often at The Great Midwestern Bluegrass Hall.
As a crowd warmer for The Osbourne Brothers , of "Rocky Top" fame, Dave was goaded (by the Great Midwestern's owner) into throwing his rendition of "Rocky Top" into the second show. Dave lived to tell about it.
In front of Iron Butterfly, one of Dave's rock collaborations drew great response from a throng of over 11,000 fans at Louisville's Memorial Coliseum.
Mark O'Connor, a fiddle virtuoso even when he was too young to be in the bar (technically, but what the hell) also had a show with Trabue as an opener.
When he first came to California Dave was back into his solo format and early on performed on the same billings with such greats as Spanky & Our Gang, Queen Ida's Bontomps Zydeco Band, Jesse Colin Young, and Donovan. With fiddle and mandolin backing Dave has opened for David Grisman, Dave Van Ronk , Los Lobos, and a San Francisco favorite, Norton Buffalo .
In the country world, bands of Trabue's have opened for Hank Snow, The Desert Rose Band, and Holly Dunn . Recently, while playing guitar and lap-steel at San Francisco's Blue Lamp Dave had the good fortune to be joined on stage by the lap-steel great, Freddie Roulette. Trabue's face still hurts from smiling.
And smiling is what he wants from his stage life. "If I leave the music world having made a few people's lives more enjoyable and their evenings a little more satisfying through my pickin' and grinnin', I know I will have had an opportunity that many never get, and I'll leave feeling pretty darn good about that." Hopefully, though, that won't be for a long, long time.
Your influences?
Rodney Crowell is my favorite singer songwriter. Willie Nelson, along with George Jones, taught us all the value of phrasing... CSNY and the groups they evolved from taught us rockers the beauty of harmony.
Equipment used:
Martin acoustic guitars, Fender electric guitars and bass, Dobro brand resonators, Kentucky & Loar mandolins, Tascam recording, Shure mics
Anything else...?
Dave Trabue & Beargrass Creek - "Beargrass" - Plant species long used for weaving by Native Americans, often the first plant to sprout in a scorched area. "Creek" - small, flowing natural stream of water, often tributory to a river. "Beargrass Creek" - A species of musician which has survived fire and reemerged, weaving sounds and songs flowing from life as a tributary to the music native to each of us.
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