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Ron Paul Is Here
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Is there a doctor in the house? Houston, we have a problem! Excerpts from the only Constitutionalist presidential candidate - Dr. Ron Paul - are featured in this heartfelt original song about the one man our Founding Fathers would vote for!
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Three Shoes Posse
c 2007
Three Shoes Posse
Thu May 24, 2007
World : Reggae
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About the song
We were motivated to write this song because Dr. Ron Paul is the only true Constitutionalist presidential candidate. A true conservative, he believes the primary role of government is to protect the liberties, freedoms, and privacy of individuals. He believes in the original intent of the Founding Fathers which is limited federal government. Some criticize his fiscal policy of restricting federal spending on social and other programs. But one must realize the big picture - if the federal government didn't rob our money in the form of taxes, they wouldn't be able to offer our money back to us with strings attached. The states and local governments would have more money to take care of themselves and would have more freedom to decide how the money is spent, which ultimately would be better for the people. His proposals would eliminate inflation which hurts the middle class and the poor.

Ron Paul does not play the big-money game like the rest of them. The mainstream media tries to ignore and censor him. The gallup and other "scientific" polls do not include his name as an option when conducting the poll, then they turn around and say that Ron Paul didn't do well in their poll. They rig the game. But Ron Paul is winning every internet poll and he also won the Fox cell phone text-message poll after the South Carolina debates.

He is gaining increasing support from liberals and conservatives alike. He has a strong base of people who consider themselves classic conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and even Green Party supporters. His message transcends the political spectrum. His words ring true and make sense to everybody.

Because the mainstream brainwashing media machine has tried to hide his massive grass-roots support as well as doing everything they can to portray him as "second-tier" instead of the true front-runner that he is, we are using our platform as musicians and artists to take the message of freedom and truth to the mainstream.

Please take the time to see what he is all about - Many people say, "Why would you support a candidate that doesn't seem to have much of a chance of winning?" There are a couple of answers to this question. First, who's opinion is it anyway that he doesn't have much of a chance? The mainstream media? It is not the media's role to dictate public opinion and try to tell us who we should consider a front runner. It is their job to report what we tell them public opinion is. And frankly, it looks like they are not doing a good job right now at reporting what public opinion really is, but rather they are trying to suppress it. We the people decide who we want, not the mainstream media, otherwise voters are disenfranchised and our Constitutional Republic is nullified.

The other reason is that this isn't a horse-race or a football gambling pool at the office, folks. The mainstream media has tricked us into feeling like we must support "the winner", that is, who they tell us the winner is. It is erroneous to think we should just "be on the side that's winning", as Bob Dylan so eloquently put it. That is not the purpose of voting. We are supposed to vote for who we feel best represents our views and who we think would do the best job. Voting is the voice of the people. We must stick to our principles without compromise.

We support Dr. Ron Paul with all our heart because he is the only man who is not a war-mongering hypocrite. He has over 20 years of experience as a U.S. Congressman and an immaculate congressional voting record to prove that he means what he says and is unwavering. He truly cares about the people. He most certainly represents "Hope For America."

Check the video on our artist main page - almost 7,000 views in the first 5 days!
“I am known for sticking to principle and not flip-flopping”
Yeah, we need a good man for president, see
I would guarantee that I would never abuse habeus corpus!”
We want him, so wake up America and help we
“The freedom message brings us together, it doesn’t divide us”

Ron Paul is here
Waking up people everywhere
Ron Paul is here
Making people be aware
Ron Paul is here
“The Freedom Message”
Waking up people everywhere
Ron Paul is here
“Defending Liberty”
Vote for the man, Lord, next year

Is there a doctor in the house?
Is there a doctor in the house?
Well Houston, we have a problem
We need Ron Paul to solve them
Houston, we have a problem
We need Ron Paul to solve them

“The principle, the moral principle
is that of defending Liberty, and
minimizing the scope of government.
If you think the government has to
take care of us from cradle to grave,
and if you think our government
should police the world, and
spend hundreds of billions of dollars
on a foreign policy that we cannot manage,
you can’t get rid of the IRS.
But if you want to lower taxes,
and if you want the government to quit
printing the money to come up with
shortfall and cause all the inflation,
you have to change policy.”

Is there a doctor in the house?
So code blue,
somebody bawl out in ICU
They have a patient where
they rip in two,
That’s the Constitution,
Where they rip in two,
Need a resuscitation to fix it.

“In Washington we either prohibit it
or subsidize it,
and the market should deal with it
and the States should deal with it.
We print money for it,
the value of the money goes down,
and poor people pay higher prices.
That is a tax.
Wall Street is doing quite well,
but the inflation tax is eating away
at the middle class of this country,
we need to get rid of the inflation tax
with sound money…”

He’s the only man could help the country
When him come and help all a’ we,
People, you know you have to vote for he

“I am absolutely opposed to a national id card.
This is a total contradiction to what
a free society is supposed to be all about.
The purpose of government is to protect
the secrecy and the privacy of all individuals,
not the secrecy of government.
We don’t need a national id card.
The freedom message brings us together,
It doesn’t divide us…”

Lord now, hey come ya now…
Ron Paul is here
Helping people everywhere
Ron Paul is here
Making people be aware
Ron Paul is here
“Defending Liberty…”
I beg you vote for the man next year
Ron Paul is here
“The freedom message…”
Making people be aware

“I’m suggesting very strongly that
we should have a foreign policy of
I tried very hard to solve this problem
before we went to war by saying,
declare war if you want to go to war,
go to war, fight it, and win it.
But don’t get into it for political reasons,
or to enforce UN resolutions, or pretend
the Iraqis were a national threat to us.”

Houston, we have a problem
We need Ron Paul to come solve them
Is there a doctor in the house?
Is there a doctor in the house?
Code Blue
There’s a patient in ICU
Man, the Constitution where they rip in two
Need Ron Paul to fix it back, that’s true
With a resuscitation, fix the Constitution

“The principle, the moral principle is that
of defending Liberty
and minimizing the scope of government.”

‘Dem can’t school we
Ron Paul a’ go run for the presidency
In the future, man we a’ go call he
Mr. President Ron Paul for the country
Make sure you vote for the man in a hurry

“We’ve talked about a humble foreign policy.
No nation building, don’t police the world.
That is a conservative, it’s a pro-American,
it follows the Founding Fathers,
and besides, it follows the Constitution.
I would work very hard to protect the privacy
of American citizens, being very
very cautious with warrantless searches…”

Ron Paul is here
Making people be aware
Ron Paul is here
Make sure you vote for the man next year
Ron Paul is here
Helping people everywhere
Ron Paul is here
Making people be aware

“There’s every reason to believe we
have enough freedom in this country
to have freedom of expression,
and that is what is important.
We should never interfere with the internet
that’s why I have never voted to
regulate the internet,
even when there is the temptation
to put bad things on the internet,
regulation of bad & good on the internet
should be done differently…”

Ron Paul get up and run for us all
Mr. President, me say Ron Paul, Paul
Three Shoes Posse, we a’ go endorse he
Man, we first the motion, and we second it,
Now Ron Paul run for presidency
A real patriot, where he could help we
Fix the Constitution, where they rip in three
You know resuscitation could help we
Ron Paul make the government bawl you see
Even federal government, he fix them quickly
And make them know, Lord, man them can’t rob we
You see how them rob we with them damn tax money
Them the kind a’ thing Ron Paul nah stand for it
Man the federal government, the federal reserve he fix
Federal Reserve, man he a’ go fix it
And make them know them can’t rob we money
The Constitution he put it back in a hurry
Because President Ron Paul is ready
God we trust
Ron Paul a’ help we
Vote for the man for presidency
Vote for him, Lord, do it quickly
Put it on paper ballot and you count it
You get some college kids,
Volunteer their time you see
And count the paper votes in front of we
In public view, man we want to count it
No trust them machines, Ron Paul, them crazy
Them rip off the election from all a’ we

Ron Paul is here
“Defending Liberty”
Helping people everywhere
Ron Paul is here
“The freedom message”
Making people be aware
Ron Paul is here
“Defending Liberty”
Beg you vote for him, Lord next year
Ron Paul is here
“The freedom message”
Helping people everywhere
Ron Paul is here
“Defending Liberty”
Beg you vote for him, Lord next year