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Tim's Favourite has always been around, at least in the mind of its founding father, Jan Pauwels (and actuallly the initial name of the band was Heart of Darkness, but that has no significance whatsoever for the rest of the story). The first outing was situated around 1992, with a rather frantic thrashmetal prelude, which is actually not yet entirely finished. Over the years, however, the songs became a little bit more melodious and, what did you expect, undefinably unique.

Yep. So far, all attempts at pinpointing, once and for all, that typical TF-sound, have proven utterly futile. Many audacious souls have tried, none really succeeded. As Popjournalist Ron Van Hal once put it: "Not surprisingly: this trio brings a modern and catchy combination of interestingly composed metal and grunge, which occasionally reminds me of Korn and Tool." Or Peter De Lobel: "[...] this trio immediately rings heavy bells à la Tool and Alice in Chains, but sticking to that, would testify to sonorous laziness." And how about this one: "Tim's Favourite plays modern rock with nu-metal influences but also slow, almost doomy passages. It all sounds original and it's almost impossible to find a musical flag that covers Tim's Favourite's cargo." Irish sounding vocals (yep!), folky guitars and ingenious bassplaying, amongst others, are not rarely evoked to illustrate the far-beyond-metal nature of Tim's favourite beast.
Why this name?
We have one die-hard fan, who started listening to our music when he was three years old.

He's ten now, and still listening.

His name: Tim.
Do you play live?
Not only the elusive style, also the live-performances of this threesome have driven many a spectator to the brink of madness. What would you expect? Every single TF-concert is an experience in itself: a challenge to your braincells (just try to comprehend the pseudo-philosophical speculations of the video-wall), a raid on your guts ("Does anybody know where the toilets are?" is a frequently-heard expression amongst TF-audiences), an assault on your eardrums (if only because for the umpteenth time you had forgotten to bring along your earplugs).

So far, the band in its current line-up has played some 100 concerts over the last five years, touring mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Entirely. It's a downright revolution.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Look at our website.

You'll find it all there.
Your influences?
Tool, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Metallica, Korn, Jonny Logan, Spinal Tap,… your own uniquely-trained sense of hearing will undoubtedly detect some additional influences whilst putting the band's songs to the test. One thing's for sure: Tim's Favourite knows its roots, but also knows how to treat them in its own mysterious ways.
Equipment used:
Jan (leading vocals and guitar):

Gibson Flying V classic white 1958 reissue
Gibson Flying V Gothic
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier amp
Hüghes & Kettner 1995 TriAmp
Peavey 5150® slant cabinet
Boss ME-10 multi-effects unit
Jim Dunlop 44R Nylon Standard 1.0 Black picks
Strings: most of the time Dean Markley, occasionally Elixir. Usually .009 - .042, although, because of D-tuning, I ought to use .010 - .046, which I do more and more often.

Elie (drums):

Current drumkit: Premier Signia
Snare drum: Pearl Maple Free Floating System Snare Drum 3 1/2" x 14 with Remo Falam - K drumhead
Cymbals: Paiste Innovations (good sound, good price, firm quality)
Sticks: Vic Firth or Pro Mark 5A extreme (I like to change from time to time)
Desired drumkit: Pearl Masterworks or Tama Starclassic

Bart (bass, backing vocals):

Fender Jazz Bass
Eden Combo
Jim Dunlop picks
his voice
(strings: up till now unknown, but in the very near future: Fender).
Bart further plays
accoustic bass
Fender Jaguar
Fender Tornado
Gibson Explorer
classical guitar
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