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Making WestCoast Rap Beat From Scratch - Download
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04/22/09 @ 03:25 PM     2 comments
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Vincent Pishton making a westcoast beat from scratch.

I am using my MPC 1000 and Fl Studio.

Go over to illBeatz.com and click on the free link.
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I love to produce rap beats and hip hop instrumentals like dirty south, crunk, thizz, hyphy, east coast, west coast, r&b beats. My style is a mix of D.Dre, Swizz beatz, Lil Jon, Dj Quick, Timberland, Just Blaze, Dj Preimer, Neptunes, Ant Banks, E-40. I will chillin with my homez and they will say make a beat thats a banger make sure its hard hittin. so i chop edit EQ and place samples in the right spot so i can cook dat crack. I GOT DAT CRACK. YEEEEEEEE!!
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rza 1
lil w
mobb deep
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