Slimm Goines
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He is called "The Chocolate City's Most Prolific MC" from Washington DC and is the flagship artist of "DC's Number One Independent Rap Label" Ruff Rhyme Records. Mr.Goines has been rocking shows in DC, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. His debut CD "Notes From The Scribe" has sold over 5000 copies with little promotion and almost no radio play. The album is in stores now OR you can go to and buy a copy. Slimm Goines is also featured on "Skinny Corleone Presents The House of Representatives" Compilation on 48th-49th Records/Ruff Rhyme Records, labelmate Black Sun's upcoming debut EP "Heatwave" & full length album "Full Eclipse" as well as the upcoming Underground Nationwide Compilation.
Why this name?
It's a hybrid of the names of my two favorite authors, Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines. The full name is Slimm Goines, the Scribe.
Do you play live?
I LOVE performing. I don't have any specific favorite moments. I just dig it when the crowd and I are in a rhythm.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It brings it closer the the level playing field utopia of which I dream. I'm on some 'start-from-zero' shit. I think the internet gives us indies more of a chance to compete and eat.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, if the deal is right. I certainly wouldn't sign a slave deal--for a "whip" and a "chain". I'd have all the lawyers I know look over that thing with a fine tooth comb. No indentured servitude. I'm not courting anything like that, but if the money and terms are enticing enough, I'd sign a one album deal, sure. Like all artists, I'm ultimately a whore.
Band History:
Slimm Goines started writing rhymes when he was 11, but It wasn't until he hooked up with Ruff Rhyme Records that he started getting serious. As a member of hardcore rap group MAGNUM, recorded a few underground tapes before starting a solo career. He released his first single as a solo artist, Insomnia b/w The Other Man, in '98.
Your influences?
My musical influences range from Rakim to Johnny Cash. I mean we're talking Sam Cook, Mozart and Melle Mel. I have listened to A Tribe Called Quest and the Beatles in the same hour. I like Hendrix's flair, Dylan's lyricism, Rakim's flow and turn of phrase, John Lennon's charisma, James Brown's showmanship, and Jay-Z's swagger.

Favorite spot?
In DC, I like the water. This is a damn pretty town. It's not hard to find a nice quiet spot a few steps from the chaos and chill. It's perfect for cheap romantic dates.
Equipment used:
Pad and pencil or pen
Anything else...?
I stopped giving shout outs. I know and love a lot of people. If you know me and you know we cool, you know where the love is at. If you know me and we not cool, f*** it, you can get props too. I'm feelin' adult.
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