NEWS   NEWSFLASH - Enjoy Yourself... ~Frank
Majestic Drama
*NEW* Just Got Paid (Hook by Young Marquis)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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play lo-fi play hi-fi  Got Me Thinking (Alternate Version)
play lo-fi play hi-fi  ...And The Horse You Rode In On
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Deja Vu No. 6
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Mammalian Gratuities
play lo-fi play hi-fi  The Commutant
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Glory Glory Purgatory
play lo-fi play hi-fi  The Daily Moo
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Because It's There
play lo-fi play hi-fi  One Of Our Specimens Has Escaped
play lo-fi play hi-fi  The Visible Stink


To ALL Airwave Radio Broadcasters
& ALL Internet Radio Broadcasters
In the United States of America,
And All Around The WORLD:
I, Lesley Jane, Queen of ALL THIS, Do Hereby
Authorize you to play our music
till the cows come home.


This is the page where I channel Frank Zappa.
Call it an experiment. So's Lesley Channels Joplin.
Experiments. Projects I did for the heck of it.
It's finite. That's all for that. Did it on a lark.
The work that really matters to me
is at:
American Lesley Jane


And ALL of our music is Free to Download.
Have A Great Day.


Why this name?
Someone thought of it, I'm not sure, anyway, I liked it when I thought of it or heard it, and, boo. ~Frank
Do you play live?
No, I play dead. ~Frank
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It threatens to eat it alive, and so they regularly
shoot darts into it when you aren't looking. ~Frank
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Would you bend over now please? ~Frank
Band History:
In the 60s, I did it like the 60s.
In the 70s, I did it like the 70s.
In the 80s, I did it like the 80s.

Now I'm non-physical and the hell with being nailed to any particular genre, time period,
underwear size, or religion.
Your influences?
Imagine all the notes playing musical chairs.
The ones left? That didn't make it into
the chairs? Those are my influences mostly. ~Frank
Favorite spot?
The Palladium in NYC when L. Shankar played with us. You hadda be there. ~Frank
Equipment used:
Whatever makes the noise I want. ~Frank
Anything else...?
Anything Goes huh? This could get dangerous.
Well, the bad news is nothing is as I thought it was, but the good news is nothing is as I thought it was, and when neither console me, I always tell myself, it's alright, nothing is as I thought it would be. I'd tell you more, but I know better. Thanks, Les. ~FRANKenZAPPA