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play hi-fi  Technofear
play hi-fi  DirtyBombBlues
play hi-fi  whut
play hi-fi  deepblue
play hi-fi  frequencies
play hi-fi  Ghosts
play hi-fi  Hands Up!
play hi-fi  bubble tea
play hi-fi  sunset
play hi-fi  Sow Seeds
Do you play live?
I am currently playing bass for Philly r&b singer Taragirl. Just started rehearsing on guitar with spoken word artist Rhapsode. Check them out on myspace. They are very talented people.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think we're still in a big paradigm shift. Everybody and their mother is getting music out now but still only a small percentage of it is really good. The industry needs to change, but I hope we don't tank it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I am a player of multiple instruments, a recorder of sound, writer of music, maker of beats. I grew up on rock, jazz, classical but in college got recruited into a couple of hiphop/experimental live bands. I was hooked. It changed my orientation of music. Hip hop can absorb any form of music and make it sound new. My music is an attempt to successfully marry all of the diverse styles I enjoy and break down labels and barriers.
Your influences?
motown r&b, psychedelic, punk, postpunk, electrofunk, hiphop, jazz, rock, heavy metal, qawwali and indian spiritual music, noise...
Favorite spot?
Living in Philly, a very cool city, but Chicago is still feels like home.
Equipment used:
mac, protools, various softsynths, fender jazz bass, gary willis fretless, ibanez hollowbody, various pedals and widgets, audio technica mic
Anything else...?
I have beats for sale. Also available for session playing.
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