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play hi-fi  Painguish - Aye wont two dye - 180 bpm.mp3
play hi-fi  Painguish - Laundry song - 230 bpm.mp3
play hi-fi  Painguish - Processed footstepps.mp3
play hi-fi  Painguish vs Stazma - Buggy Chaos Radio Dub - 90 B
play hi-fi  Painguish - Eleventh Seed
play hi-fi  painguish - Do not qwestion my aardvark
play hi-fi  Painguish - Pre hazy night- 00 - Here we go
play hi-fi  Painguish - Pre hazy night- 01 - Here we go again
play hi-fi  Painguish - Pre hazy night- 02 - Squelches
play hi-fi  Painguish - Pre hazy night- 03 - Crashing waves
Painguish is noise is art is creativity is sound is expression is exploration is emotion is electronic!
Why this name?
Pain + Anguish = Painguish!
Nuff said.
Do you play live?
Rarely. Toronto mostly, if ever.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would sign if anyone wanted to sign me, and if it doesn't involve sellingmy soul or anything.
Your influences?
TalixZen, Laf-o, RaxYor, Skeeter, Amun Ra, Sincere trade, sixteenarmedjack, Zone-33, Bellbipdevoivod, Caltrop, AKA paul burke,knifehandchop, Optik, Optikdemntia, G-stompz, stabz,The Tirant, Venetian snares, electric kettle, rotator, mr kill,Aaron spectre, drumcorps, larvae, xanopticon, duranduranduran, enduser, merzbow, white noise....
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Anything that'll make noise. (Mostly a computer)
painguish - pre hazy night
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