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SHOCK OPERA is from Washington DC. There have been several bands using the name in the US and selling product illegally. SHOCK OPERA is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK and has had product out since 1984. The sound is a mix of metal, DC Go-Go beats and intelligent lyrics. There have been plenty of imitators, by no band has surpassed their energy, songcraft and sound. Their CD Release MER DE MENTE received airplay in the US and Europe. They were a favorite of Pirate Radio all over the world. The CD MER DE MENTE was produced by FRANK MARCHAND -(Monkeyspank, JIMMY'S CHICKEN SHACK- among others) and stands as a testament to the drive of the DC Music scene in the early 1990's. The band in defunct- but the music lives.
Why this name?
It began as a correction of a newspaper typo in the early Eighties
Do you play live?
SHOCK OPERA opened for some major acts including The Ramones, The Dead Milkmen, The Bus boys, The Dwarves, The Circle Jerks, Flock Of Seagulls, and were headliners at The Bayou, The Old 9:30 club, The 8 X 10 in Baltimore, D.C. Space, Georgetown University, CBGB'S NYC, Downtown BERUIT NYC, The CMJ Showcase NYC(Twice) were involved in several WAMA Crosstown Charity Jams,The 1987 Yippie Smoke-In on the Mall in DC and played everywhere and any festival or dingy hole available to them.
Their Appearance on the cable show THE LARS FROM MARS SHOW reached cult status and caused fans from Denmark to swear their undying loyalty. Letters were rec'd from as far away as MONGOLIA.
The Song "THE MODERN ROME" and other songs from the album " Mer De Mente"are now being featured in a DVD " JALOPY SHOWDOWN" to be released in early 2007. The Teaser short version can be found on YOUTUBE.COM/ jalopy showdown.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows great acts- present or functionally defunct to still share music. CD sales in bricks/mortar stores have suffered greatly. Music isn't free,kids- Musicians deserve respect and a basic living. It takes YEARS to learn how to do this right.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not at this time. We would consider Re licensing a release of MER DE MENTE
Band History:
We Were contemporaries of many Hardcore bands that came from the DC area- including Henry Rollins, Peach Of Imortality, Fugazi and a zillion others. SHOCK OPERA was always in a class by themselves. They had great moments but could be tough to pigeonhole in style. Their lyrics were always a cut above most bands in wit,absurdity, and image.
The band survived for nearly twenty years.
The band members varied from year to year- The Main Writers were always TREEFROG(Now Performing as MYSTR Treefrog),and Eddie Arnold(1955-2008 RIP). These two were the guitarists- with E. Arnold being, at the time, one of the most inventive,fluid and shredding guitarists in the entire area. He could also be somewhat odd and difficult...(musician...duh..)
But he held his own in song arrangement, tonal structure and had one of the most unique approches to the electric guitar as anyone performing anywhere.He passed away in Taos, New mexico from meningitis in August of 2008.
On Mer De Mente, the Bass was played by JAMES DAIL...a solid in the pocket player who never failed to bring the guitar players back to planet earth.(or planet SHOCK..) The drums were played by two great players on MER DE MENTE. RICK" DEENO" MARTIN played on the cuts " MODERN ROME" (the minor hit..a song that stood out as a hybid of Funk, Go-go, metal and scatter-rap BEFORE Rage Against The Machine were out of High School..) and HERPES(With A Snake) The other Percussionist was MIKE "CRASH" CUSTER, whose great funky sensibilities kicked songs like "YUGO" SLEEPING TEETH, EVERYMAN, and all others into the stratosphere. This WAS NOT a mellow Album. The Tune DOPPELGANGER tackled the rising Neo-Nazi movement in DC and other cities with a blistering indictment of the hate and negativity coming from this growing movement.
The CD MER DE MENTE can be found on
Your influences?
SHOCK OPERA was compared to Fishbone, Oingo Boingo,The Bad Brains,The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Ramones, The Clash and Clarabell The Clown On mood enhancing medications.
And Gene Autry if he had been pumped full of illegal substances.
Favorite spot?
Right smack dab in the Belly Of The Beast- WASHINGTON D.C.
Equipment used:
Shock Opera was amazingly adept at using small gear for a BIG SOUND. TREEFROG's mettallic Hubcap tree was a work of art in itself. The band occasionally dressed in an odd assortment of comic homemade mismatched Monster clothes.
The LARS FROM MARS SHOW showcases them at their best in this wise.
Anything else...?
AS Stated...there are many Death-Type Metal bands who have "Pirated" The Name.
And this is it. THE ORIGINAL.Period.
End Of Discussion.
Mer De Mente Album Cover
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