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play hi-fi  Metal down under
play hi-fi  Just rock(Aditya Featuring Selva on Lead Guitar)
play hi-fi  Megadeth - Train of consequences (cover)
play hi-fi  Pinball Map In Flames instrmental cover
play hi-fi  Estranged(GnR instrumental cover)
play hi-fi  Burnin rubber
play hi-fi  After
play hi-fi  Ride to Victory
Hey dudes i have been playing guitar for quiet sometime.do like to play in a band with the right people, as of now i am goin solo.will be posting some of my music here for you guys to listen to. Hope u dig it. cheers!
Why this name?
just my ID
Do you play live?
i did play live for just twice one was solo acoustic and had back ups for vocals and the other was with my band Fakegods didnt work out as a band. i did like it, i would do it again if i find the right people to play with.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
maybe,no comments.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
May be!
Your influences?
Vai,Satriani,Malmasteen,Eric Johnson,sykes, dimebag, Mustaine, Friedman,Eddie van Halen,wylde et all.
Favorite spot?
chennai, banglore,Hull(uk dont laugh i know),scotland havn't been around much.
Equipment used:
ESP - LTD - MH - 100
Tansen - Strat copy with Seymore Duncan Hot rails.
Ah - Zoom - 505 II
Acoustic - Givson(215).
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