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play hi-fi  Motherless Child
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play hi-fi  Creepin'
play hi-fi  Thinkin' Bout Love
play hi-fi  Pensacola Jump
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play hi-fi  Strange Things
play hi-fi  Nodody's Clown
Formed in mid August of 2006 “Tin Feet” quickly became the number one rated progressive blues band in the area, winning the Blues Society of N. W. Florida’s “Battle Of The Blues Bands” in October. Going on from there to compete in the 23rd International Blues Challenge on Beale St. in Memphis Tennessee, as their representatives. While there, they were selected to be one of the nine artists, out of the 152 top blues acts that had gathered from around the world for the IBC, to compete in “The Beale Street Merchants Association’s “King Of Beale Street” event! They gave outstanding performances, and placed well in both of these events! Here is what a few of the judges had to say “Probably the freshest band I’ve heard in years of IBC judging! It’s a delight to hear a musically sophisticated band with this much heart and humor! Keep up the cool work! Joe I. IBC Judge” “A polished blues band with a confident onstage swagger, loved your set! Eric S. Washington Blues Society IBC Judge” “The Latin beat was an interesting addition, terrific presentation! Ron B. IBC Judge” Tin Feet’s original music has been featured on local, national, and international radio, as well as cable TV. Slim, having founded “Monday Night Blues” in early 2004, revived the blues scene in Pensacola, and along with Tin Feet, made it the longest running, most successful jam in Pensacola history! Five years of blues every Monday night! Innovators in blues, they push it’s boundaries with Rock, Latin, Reggae, Jump, Swing, Funk, and New Orleans second line influences! This is a dynamic four piece band that brings it to you full tilt, for one of the best musical experiences you will have!
Tin Feet was chosen by the Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia (T.A.G.) Blues Fest to be their featured artist for their 2008 festival in Mentone Alabama!
Why this name?
We just thought it was catchy! ;)
Do you play live?
We play live weekly on the Gulf Coast. We founded, and hosted Monday Night Blues for over five years!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Given a place for individual creativity, and a vast audience of listeners.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Anybody who ever played from their soul!
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