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NEWS   Working on theatrical musical projects as well as pop singles.
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play hi-fi  Make A Killing
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play hi-fi  California Morning
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After spending a wasted youth performing in bands and as a solo artist, I'm currently only interested in songwriting and recording. OK, if you get me a little tipsy, or there's some money waved before my eyes, maybe my iron resolve will waver ... I'm only human, y'know?
Why this name?
Actually, my name was chosen for me by my parents. My father wanted to name me after a college basketball player. My mother wanted to name me after an historic conquerer. They compromised and named me after a nutritious, but delicious, breakfast cereal fortified with vitamins and iron.
Do you play live?
No. At least, I don't play conscious. I am told I sleepwalk. Also that I have multiple personalities. I don't believe any of these stories though, since my guardian aliens have my brain in a vat of nutrient solution in another galaxy and my appearance here is simply a hologram.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think everybody now has the chance to distribute their own music. The worst thing that could happen to an artist would be to fall into the clutches of a record company. Keeping control of your music and your intellectual property is the most important thing for a creator to remember. That, and where you put your car keys.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, absolutely not. Not for all the money, chocolate, cashews or lobster dinners in the world. Well, I might sign a contract to sing on their 50th anniversary TV special, but only if I get my own hair, makeup and choreography people on the payroll.
Band History:
I was born at a very early age. I wanted to be born in a hospital, so I could be close to my mother. Take my wife, please.

But all seriousness aside, folks, I was raised in a musical household and was given a record player at a very early age. I learned to conduct from watching "Sing Along With Mitch" on TV and perfected my craft to my parents' records -- Tony Bennet, Guy Mitchell, The McGuire Sisters, Rusty Warren.

I was born in 1956 -- the year Elvis took America by storm. I became musically aware in 1964 -- the Year the Beatles took America by storm. I picked up the guitar and taught myself to play in 1969 -- the year Ferd McClarty took the country by storm.

OK, Ferd is not quite as well known as Elvis and the Beatles. Maybe I need to rethink my role models.

I started writing songs and nobody paid me to stop, so I kept writing them. I joined forces with my brothers and eventually we formed a band with extremely confusing song lists in the mid-70s. It was called the Bunk House Boys, and performed songs by such diverse artists as Hank Williams, The Rolling Stones, The Fabulous Poodles, Elvis Costello, The Allman Brothers, and some original songs by me, my brother Craig and my brother Bart. We were world famous in Kansas, and we had a red-headed drummer. Who would think that life could get any better?

But after several heady years, earning tens of dollars per year, we drifted apart and have all established ourselves in the real world.

Except for me ... I am mainly existing in the virtual world.
Your influences?
I learned to play guitar from a Beatles songbook. This taught me songwriting as well as guitar chords. The Woodstock album came out about the time I picked up the guitar and had such diverse kinds of music, that I learned a great deal from it. My constant musical companion in those teen-aged days was my older brother, Craig. Together we explored everything from country-western to heavy metal. When cancer took him away, I felt as though I were cut in half. I'm still regenerating. My younger brother, Bart inspired me with the joy he got from music, and the way he could learn how to learn -- just by absorbing the masters of the craft. He's still going strong today, and at the top of his game.
Favorite spot?
I live in San Diego, CA and claim it as my ultimate favorite city in the known world (I've not traveled much). I really enjoy Vegas and have lived there off and on over the past few years. Ya gotta know how to handle Vegas, and it can be a pure pleasure. For relaxation and inspiration, I choose Palm Springs, CA. Reno, NV is a terrific place, too. I won't turn down a complimentary suite if I'm invited.
Equipment used:
Yamaha -- so far I'm satisfied with the reproduction of their sound cards or chips or what-have-you. I have a KX-88 keyboard and a QY-100 I use as a sound module.

For composition and sheet music reproduction I use the Sibelius G7 program and Band-In-A-Box to tweak the arrangements. I like to do a lot of heavy editing so I don't sound like I'm Out-Of-The-Box
Anything else...?
I'm married to the most wonderful and inspirational human being on the planet -- Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD. Besides being the one true medical maven who will save mankind, she's a hell of a lyric writer and an expert on all things classical and cultural. If my songs sound literate and erudite, it is because she is my collaborator. I love her more than this language allows me to express and her love for me is the greatest gift any man could hope for. If there is life beyond this scene ... I can only wish that we will be able to share that, too.
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