Nashville Bound
NEWS   Nashville Bound hits 50,000 plays and 15,000 friends on MySpace making it a top unsigned band in country swing.
East Coast
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Websters Dictionary defines a bandas a group of people joined together for a common purpose. Nashville Bound is just such a band, founded by Jim Putnam to record country versions of some of the songs he has written. When Putnam writes songs they are genre neutral, meaning they can be arranged in a variety of styles and genres. His words and music are stories that are flexible and the truth in his words seems to work no matter what the style. Meaningful stories are meant to be shared whether they are commercial hits or just inspirational thoughts.

To date Putnam has written and recorded studio rough cuts of over 350 songs.

All recording, mixing and mastering is done in Nashville. Seasoned, road tested musicians with exceptional talent perform, most are masters of multiple instruments, and all experienced in both studio and major live venues having worked with a literal whose who of major country artists. The result is magic in the studio. That is Nashville Bound.

Why this name?
It represents where we all started from and where we wanted to be as we set out from homes all across the USA and Canada seeking our dream in Nashville.
Do you play live?
Our band - not yet, though we've all been active with other major acts.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is helping to balance the power in music from record companies and radio station personalities to individual musicians and singers, from greed to creative energy, from corruption and control to entertainment that the public wants.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the terms were right, fair and honest.
Band History:
Several years ago we got together to help an extraordinarily gifted writer and storyteller share his stories. Jim Putnam had a vision that musicians should be part of the creative process, should actively participate in formulating the composition for recording and he gave us that chance. The result you will hear in our records of which 24 are being released.

We record, mix and master at three different studios in Nashville and our writers, arrangers, producers, and engineers are creative geniuses.
Your influences?
We have been trained in everything from classical to country, rock to island, with a little family gospel thrown in to keep us straight. Years of road trips and studio sessions helped us develop individually and we all appreciate many kinds of music and artists, musicians and singers.
Favorite spot?
Wherever our fans, family and supporters live is our favorite place.
Equipment used:
The instruments played on recordings include drums, bass guitar, piano, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, pedal steel, saxophone, electric keyboards, various organs, mandolin, fiddle, and, well you get the idea. Making music has been our dream, our life and our experience on the road and in studios. Please tell your friends to give us a try.
Anything else...?
Putnam wrote a book called The Joshua Chronicles and in it he says the Raggedy People, those souls whose purpose in life is to live in enlightenment, are the silent multitudes upon whom a new and wonderful civilization will be built. We appeal to those Raggedy People, the silent and forgotten members of society, to join us and to help change the world. Tell your friends to give us a try.