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play hi-fi  Smile Upside Down
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Hi, my name is Skip T. I write music and lyrics, play guitar, sing and do occasional keyboard and persussion. welcome, hope you enjoy the music.
Why this name?
It`s my name. I am currently a solo artist but I`ve had plenty of experience with different kinds of bands.
Do you play live?
I have played live in Taipei, the U.S. and here in Tokyo. Absolutely love it, there have been incredible monents on stage as well as some major malfunctions. But I`d do it again in a second. I usually try not to support pay-to-play situations, unless it`s to showcase the band.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
An entirely new business model is needed, on one hand it makes getting music to listeners easier than ever-on the other, it makes taking music without paying anyone easier too. Also there`s the `50,000 channels and nothing on` problem.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not a standard contract, no. Doubt I`d be offered one anyway.
Band History:
Started out in bands, played a lot of cover songs.
Started writing originals in Taiwan, started recording (on a budget, to put it mildly) when I came back to the U.S.-eventually I made sort of a break with the cover song thing but I still do it sometimes. I`d like to get as many of my originals recorded as possible, not so much finished versions for sale but just to hear how the parts sound together.
Your influences?
Many different styles of music, can`t choose one. Main influences are hard rock (not metal so much) and jazz, but I`ll listen to almost any style of music-it`s more about finding good sounds rather than good or bad styles-I`m not even sure there is such a thing. Of course I listen to guitar music a lot but not always.
Favorite spot?
No favorites, I like Northern California, East coast of Taiwan, Okinawa, Cebu in the Phillipines and Sydney. I`d like to see more of the Canadian Rockies, and more of Africa-only Morocco so far.
Equipment used:
I play mostly electric, have several guitars made for the Japan market. My most recent purchase is a Cole Clark electric, made in Melbourne. I`ll indicate which guitars were used in the song info.
I also have a nylon string classical from the Phillipines and a Seagull flame maple electric-acoustic-haven`t recorded with that one yet. You can see pictures of my guitars on the Guitar Player magazine Forum. Need to work more on the amp side of things, right now I have a Crate GLX-130 stereo, 65 watts per speaker. Watch your ears!
Anything else...?
Other pursuits-Martial arts, travel, technical writing, acting for film and T.V. when the opportunity arises. Might learn a bit of Shamisen if I have time. I have a blast around large groups of people but the most valuable time to me is when I can just hang out in a forest or on a mountain and listen to the wind, or watch the animals play.
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