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John Luxury and the Ice Giants
Hip Hop
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The band will deliver songs done the best way possible as long as it has previously done.With the addition of my 12 year friend and partner and friend,Dave Waterbury,we will put out the best music we can.In addition,I have a very large catalog of unrecorded material,country,rock,pop, and r&b.Blessing,Johnny
Why this name?
The name had a good ring to it.I used to make these huge lists of band names during Spanish class in high school while reading Hit Parader!I didn`t learn much Spanish but I did learn a lot about rock and roll!Anyone remember,"Lies"?That was,you guessed it, The Knickerbockers!Great song.My jr high band was called The Memorial Sidewalk,my award winning high school band was The Guild-white jeans and dyed purple cut-off in half choir robes-looked really great under black lights-all you could see was our jeans,and my circuit group Eiijah was #1 in the South for a couple of years with Southeastern Attactions under Richard Dingler and Wendell Harles.
Do you play live?
With the Ice Giants,we usually jammed out in a Southern rock groove like on "Last Train to Nowhere"-an anti-drug song.Even our covers like "Gypsy Woman" were great at times,frankly.Our version was more like Bryan Highland than Curtis Mayfield.We feature Oscar "Lincoln" Jenkins a lot like on "As We Are"-and he was with the Temprees,that`s him on "Dedicated to the One I l Love".He`s probably one of the top singers I`ve ever heard.
I could allways write the commercial songs because I spent an unreal amount of time doing it and I`m still doing it because I was trained as a staff writer by a BMI producer-ten songs at least at a shot-R&B,pop,metal,country,soundtrack-you name it I learned to write it- to do that in Birmingham and Muscle Shoals and I played with a lot of "Big Names".When I was eighteen,I just take my reel and drive up to Shoals and go to Rick Halls studio-totally cold turkey,just walk right in-and the secretary would say,"Ok,Rick will see you at three-thirty" and I would walk back in after grabbing some down-home barbeque and Rick would put the tape on the reel and critique the songs!"Twilight Zone material!Today you couldn`t see Rick in two years!But I imagine the barbeque is still fantastic down there!It`s a very nice town with a lot of very real and sincere folks.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It`s all different.We are all exposed to a lot of great new music.Although I still have my favorites like Jim Croce,Jackson Browne,and Mac Davis and I'm moving in that direction right now-back to,well,songs that are "real" songs-like in inspired songs you could walk down the street humming or sing yourself in the shower.My brother,a movie producer and editor at FOX is doing the video for me on the next record,"City of Gold".
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It's allways great to talk to anyone who is interested in this band,this project or this music.The song catalog is really exceptionally large and varied.It was constructed under several decades and includes quite a few songs I wrote for lady artists.If you`d like to get involved with JL and the IG`s in some way,please contact me at
Band History:
S.T.P,{Scavens,Trigger and Peterson},The Hunky Band,Elijah,One Delta One,Whose the Blonde?,The Memorial Sidewalk,The Guild,John Luxury and the Ice Giants
Your influences?
Beatles,Stones,Dion and the Belmonts,Elvis Presley,Rick Nelson,Eddie Rabbit,Mac Davis,Jackson Browne,The Rascals,Animals,OMD,Midnight Oil,Simply Red and Motown.Also,Prince,Neal Diamond,A Tribe Called Quest,Public Enemy,X,The Buffalo Springfield,Uriah Heep,Psyc Furs and many others.I also really like Oasis and Smashing Pumpkins,Blink187,Bruce Springsteen,Billy Joel,Elton John,Emerson,John Mellencamp,Emerson,Lake and Palmer,The Rasberries,Eminem, Madonna,The Plimsouls and The Clash as well as Coldplay and Barbara Striesland,Steve Lawrence and The Supremes and great singers like Leslie Gore and Barbara Lewis and the Commodores and Lionel Richie.who I`m familiar with because they played at the University of Alabama like we did in Elijah and would come to see us on their breaks and we`d walk across the fraternity or sorority row to see them.That's to name a couple!Not any couple I saw drinking draft beer and walking,though!{ha,ha}The draft beer was really flowing!
Favorite spot?
Sarasota,Siesta Key and Bradington Key Fla.I also like San Francisco.In Ca,Pacomia`s cool-kind of laid back and nice mountains,very scenic with great Mexican food and a small airport The best kept secret in town!
Equipment used:
Live I allways liked the Shure 187 and Senheiser products.In Jr High we`d get our mikes from the local pawn shop and use bell-speakers someone lifted by climbing up a tower at a church!Standell made a great P.A. amp-ours in Elijah was so powerful,it was two separate units.I had a Briish amp once-before Thomas Organ bout Vox.We only used one.Univox,Ampeg,Fender,Gibson,Leslie speakers and I had a British Vox amp in high school I picked up with my Dad one Saturday at this warehouse-the thing had tubes and was massive.Combined with some Peavey columns,worked very well.In Elijah,we liked the Electro-Voice Eliminators speakers-we had a sponser who would would buy us anything we wanted literally money was no consideration-we went to a music store in Atlanta and spent several hours buying out about half of the store.{ha,ha}.The salesman was really happy!
In the studio you want to go with the best you can afford.
We and I work with David Waterbury exclusively now,although we recorded at Poyel in Hollywood and used the great producer Dave Alexander and I worked with Lou Stone and Don Mosley and a lot of other producers.Dave Waterbury is a great producer and former key member of Spirit and the Boxtops-an amazing talent and a great guy.I highly recommend Dave Waterbury Productions.His site on the internet is and another great thing about Dave is he will work with your budget,and is a virtuoso musician who will instinctively know what your song needs and give you the best sound value around in this city.State of the art equipment.The best you can buy.Plus,Dave is a great guy!
Anything else...?
To all the folks who like our music,I`d like to thank you!The good Lord willing,there will be more!
John Luxury and the Ice Giants
"U Can`t Stop Me from L.U."
John Luxury and the Ice Giants
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