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From our June, 2011 Recording Sessions at The POWER STATION...a new version of an old favorite of ours. Featuring our newest member Stephanie Krowka on Lead Vocal.
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Music and Lyrics by: Michael Foster
From the DVD
Thu Aug 25, 2011
Rock : Guitar Rock
Take charge
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About the song

Music and Lyrics: Michael Foster

Copyright by: CRYSTAL MAGIC MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP) 1979, 2005, 2011.

THE GOLDEN SUN (2012) Concept by: David Pendragon

Produced by: David Pendragon

Music Arranged by: Michael Foster

Executive Producer: Michael Foster

Engineered by: Brian Sargent

Recorded June 20,21,22, 2011 at THE POWER STATION N.E. @ SONALYSTS, Waterford, Conn.

Mixed at THE POWER STATION N.E. and at ABERRANT SOUND STUDIO, Boston, Mass. by: David Pendragon, Brian Sargent, and Michael Foster.

Mark Easton: Acoustic and Electric Guitars (Pan Right), Harmony Vocals.

Barry Easton: Drums

Michael Corsini: Bass

Stephanie Krowka: Lead Vocal

Michael Foster: Acoustic and Electric Guitars (Pan Left), Unison Lead Vocal and Harmony Vocal, Guitar Solo.

This song is a remake and a brand new arrangement of an AVALANCHE track originally written by me in 1972, and recorded by the band in 1979. It has always been one of my favorite songs, but over the past few years...we believe that the lyrical relevance of the song and its message has come full circle. During the process of filming our soon-to-be released HD Documentary DVD "THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED"...we found ourselves sitting in the golden woods of The Natchaug Forest in Eastern Conn. one sunny autumn afternoon, playing an impromptu and spontaneous acoustic version of this song. It was the first time we had ever sung the song with harmonies throughout all the vocals, and as we viewed the footage, we all realized that we had stumbled on to something very special. David Pendragon and I believe the song has the potential to reach huge numbers of people...especially as the 2012 phenomenon approaches...and people will be forced to choose how they will respond to a world in upheaval...especially since all indicators are that we are witnessing and experiencing powerful forces that are already in play...and implies that something HUGE is ALREADY afoot on a planetary scale as 2012 approaches.

The real challenge was to take a song that was nearly 14 minutes long (in its original form), and rearrange it in order to make it viable for airplay. David gave me a target time of roughly 5:00 for the entire song...and although I had my doubts that I would be able to re-arrange the song to that length and still include all the lyrics, I agreed to try. As the re-arranging progressed at my home in Conn...we were not only able to meet the time requirement...but we actually found a spot for me to sneak in a short guitar solo, too. Although the song follows the original arrangement very closely, there are a few changes that have actually improved the dynamics on the song...and the addition of Stephanie Krowka to the band as a full-time member has brought a new element of a beautiful female voice singing my original lead vocal part (which really hasn't changed at all) except for the parts where Stephanie and I sing in unison, and of course, the new added vocal harmonies which we had stumbled on in the woods that sunny day. In the end, the song comes in at 5:25 in length...not bad at all, after cutting away over eight minutes of content from the extended original recording.

I'd like to thank David Pendragon for handling the Producer's job so well....he allowed us to be ouselves, but still brought something very special to the song...and it was his very strong belief that the song could be shortened, updated, and improved, that is largely why this new version of this song is now available to be heard. David has extraordinary talents as a producer and also as a recording engineer, and hopefully, that will be something that is evident when folks listen to the finished recording. It was also great for us to not have to concern ourselves with mic selections, turning the recorders on and off, or wasting time listening back to every take to determine if what we had just played was a "keeper." With David and Brian sitting behind the control room glass, we all knew that we could trust the ears and experience of those guys, if they said we needed to do something again. David would still call us into the control room to listen to very strong "takes" we may have we were still able to have a lot of input...and if we thought we could do it better we would tell him. In the end, we all ended up being a great team, and it made our jobs in the band easier than they have been in a very long time...and so recording this year was actually more fun than work. It was a priviledge to enter into this creative partnership with him.

Mike (NAV)

Written by: Michael Foster
Music and Lyrics: July 1972

A few years ago...a dream appeared before my eyes.
From out of California...a Golden Sun was on the rise.
Brothers and sisters all rose together... hand in hand.
Spreading truth and understanding all across this troubled land.

And every day that passed, it seemed the dream grew ever stronger...
Until it seemed to me, it really couldn' t take much longer...
Before the new day would finally dawn...and rise above...
Built not on hate and lies...but instead on truth and love.

But lately I don't know..'cause things just seem to move too fast...
As if the way the world will be has already been cast...
And the Family of Man seems to be troubled and in doubt...
As if caught in some quicksand...and unable to get out.

And I wonder if it's not too late...for men to come together...
And put an end to hate and war...and live in peace forever.
Little children fight, it's solve friend...
Don't you think it's time that Man has reached his Childhood's End?

Vocal Bridge
Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind,
forget all your fears
(Repeat two additional times)
We are tomorrow...hate is the past...
If we all spread love now...then "The Golden Sun" will last.

Copyright 1979, 2005, 2011, by Crystal Magic Music (ASCAP)