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Vibomatic Rush Service
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play hi-fi  Believe THIS
play hi-fi  Move My Bop
play hi-fi  Come in Peace
play hi-fi  friggin frag
VIBOMATIC RUSH SERVICE is a new tone, a new rush, a new vibe to turn your senses FULL ONE and to make you sweat some more, move some more, groove some more, and soothe some more..... pulse your cortex with the sounds of Vibomatic Rush Services and feel the onslaught of blood to your being and the spiral of mindthought from within your soul....
Why this name?
It came to us upon a moonlit night when the fish were singing, the wolves dancing and the women running out of control......
Do you play live?
sometimes - miami, florida... USA.... we like to make the crowd spin and dance and spaz and have eargasms...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it helps more people have access to different music....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
started last week...... made music... recorded music..... threw a party... people liked.....
Your influences?
kraftwwerk, goldfrapp, cure, cars, sweet, ac/dc, yes, primus, donna summer, elvis costello... we're into electronic sounds, good lyrics, sweeping sounds, melodic noises...
Favorite spot?
frisco.... new york......
Equipment used:
Nord Lead NL2x, korg prophecy & 707, kawaii K1, korg electribe, yamaha ry30 drum machine......
Anything else...?
behringer tube mike pre-amp, AKG condenser C100 mikes, Alesis effects, Rocktron effects, fostex mixer and 1/45" open reel, tascam open reel,
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