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Hey Everyone!!!

I'm Cesar Ponce de Leon a.k.a DJ PONCE, and I am from La Paz Bolivia currently living in Silver Spring, MD USA. I am presently a producer and a DJ of electronic music with objectives to one day accomplish my dream to represent my nation DJing around the globe, and show the Bolivian style of electronic music.

A few years ago I had the dream to produce music of my own being clueless on how to begin. Listening great trance and house compositions from inspiring DJs have motivated me to be involved into producing, mixing, and mastering music. I started producing music having the ability to play piano, learn the use of music software, gain knowledge of synthesizing and mastering sounds with mixing boards, and finally DJing to pump up souls.

Music production is an amazing career and hobby but it can also be difficult sometimes just as any other profession and interest in life, but after all if you have the patience and commitment to achieve your musical objectives, you will become a success; This are the words of a DJ who has a dream that one day will be reached!!!

That's why never give up if you can!!!

I feel proud to state that learning the beauty of music art production has been an awesome experience. I believe that music has affected my life so deeply that it is my passion and what I want to pursue on the rest of my life. I would also be more than proud to share and expand vivid electronic music globally for people to dance for life, and live happy.


Peace and love, DJ PONCE!!

Español (Spanish):

Hola a todos!!

Mi nombre oficial es Cesar Ponce de León pero soy conocido como DJ PONCE. Yo nací en La paz Bolivia y ahora estoy viviendo en Silver Spring, Maryland dentro los EEUU. Presentemente soy productor y DJ de música electronica con objetivos de un día llegar a representar mi nación viajando alrededor del mundo demostrando que Bolivia también puede ser potente en la producción de música electronica.

Hace pocos años atrás tenia el sueño de producir mi propia música y no tenia idea como empezar. Escuchando composiciones del estilo de música trance y house de grandes DJs me motivaron a iniciar el aprendizaje de producción, mezcla y control de música. Comencé a producir música teniendo la habilidad de tocar piano, aprendiendo el uso de programas de producción musical, sintetizadores, consola de producción y finalmente mezclar música para hacer bailar y disfrutar a la gente.

Como toda profesión y carrera en la vida, la producción musical puede ser también dificultosa pero después de todo si tienes paciencia y compromiso de cumplir tus metas musicales, serás una persona prospera y exitosa; Esto te lo dice un DJ quien tiene un gran sueño que será un día cumplido.

Por eso si tu puedes no te rindas!!!

Me siento muy orgulloso de expresar que el aprendizaje del arte de producción musical ha sido una experiencia increíble. Yo creo que la música afecto mi vida tremendamente que lo considero mi pasión y el resto de mi futuro; también tengo el gusto que se presente la posibilidad de compartir y expandir globalmente música electronica para que la gente baile por vida y sea feliz.


Paz y amor, DJ PONCE!!

Why this name?
From my last name which is Ponce de Leon
Do you play live?
Sometimes. Wherever I'm welcome to DJ. I love it.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A lot because people can see your talent and your ability to make music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would be more than glad to work with Major Labels.
Your influences?
DJ TIESTO, DJ SAMMY, Robbie Rivera, Michael Cassette, Paul van dyk, Armin Van Buuren, 4 Strings, BT, Spencer and Hill, Deadmou5, David Guetta, James Zabiela, Kaskade, Offer Nism, Darude, Benny Bennasi, ATB, James Harcourt, Ferry Corsten, Above and Beyond, Bingo PLayers, Mark Otten, Tommy Trash, Dave Darrell, Steve Angello, and many many many more.

Not to forget that there are many soundclick artists that are an inspiration to pursue on music ;).
Favorite spot?
LA-PAZ BOLIVIA My home town:))
Equipment used:
Cubase 4
Ableton Live
Access Virus TI
And some VSTs
Anything else...?

"DJ PONCE" artist name and music projects are officially filed in the listing below:

-U.S. Federal Trade Name
-Office of U.S. Copyright (2009)
-U.S. Department of Assessments and Taxation
-U.S. Federal Trade Mark

Copying music that has been officially filed is illegal and a federal crime; therefore criminals will be pursued under federal and state laws. Why copying music when you can be creative? Please respect projects that are federally protected. Make the music industry better.
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