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We need YOU to call the radio station and request my new single "RIGHT HERE"

WHITE DAWG the Baddest White Boy in this game braces to take over the world in 2007!!!! WHITE DAWG will be on tour promoting his new CD entitled Me vs. Me starting Sept. 1st kicking off the promo tour in Orlando, Florida. Although numerous major labels have offered WHITE DAWG record deals, he has held out and stayed INDY. " F*** a Major!!!! IF they want me it's a million or better!!!" WHITE DAWG shouts on his new cd. He plans on distributing 100,000 cds on the street proving he's major without a major. WHITE DAWG explains his reasoning " I don't expect nothing for free, I didnt ask for any big name features, I'm gonna show the world once and for all that they gonna have to take me serious! I am the hottest WHITE BOY in the South, that's not a diss to other white rappers, but I've paid my dues for years on these streets grinding in the trenches selling cds out my trunk for years, ask anyone in Florida and they will tell u about my hustle. When I blow up it won't be because I had some big name features that got on, it will be because I out hustled them all! I'm not a battle rapper I'll tell you str8 up, but aint none of these white rappers can out hustle me! I was the first white dirty south rapper to break the top 20 billboard rap singles charts in 1999. I was the first white dirty south rapper to be featured in THE SOURCE,XXL,RAP PAGES, and was on the first ever OZONE MAGAZINE cover. I won the HUSTLA OF THE MONTH award in OZONE MAGAZINE and I got nominated for most slept on artist by the SEA AWARDS. I've produced for Plies, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, 8ball, Pastor Troy, Guru, 69 Boys, Trina, Clientell Cartell just to name a few. What seperates me from all these other white rappers is that I produce my own music. I'm taking my new music in another direction, all these rappers today are limited on their subjects and topics.......how many times can u say u sell dope and how many times can u tell them u riding on big rims??????? If u really was slanging all that dope u damn sure wouldnt get on record and talk about it. A kilo gets u 20 years in Florida. The first rule u learn in the mob is to shut your mouth and being a rapper breaks that first rule!!! Real G's and Thugs are in jail, dead or on the way to one of the two. That's cool to rap about the dope game, jewlery,fake pull out grills, and your big rims we have all done that, but soon or later u have to tell these fans the truth....it aint all flash and fame out here. I know half of these rappers on these records out and they aint got what they talking bout. I'm gonna keep it real with my fans and rap about pain, my friends dying, my boys locked up, and other issues more in my music because they can relate to that. The internet has changed the game for INDY artists, I'm getting a $1.00 a download and I've got worldwide distribution, so what do I need a major for????????? $10,000 per show a couple shows a month and these labels in New York can't offer me anything I don't Already have or could buy if I wanted it! I'm not just rapping I'm leading a movement. I represent the underdogs. When u see me in my pictures flipping off the camera I'm flipping off these major label's bull sh*** contract offers! They gonna have to come with a million or better to get me!". The world is definately gonna have to reckon with WHITE DAWG in 2007!

Why this name?
The streets chose it for me. I got my start in this game from DJn. I got a job in the OAKLAND PARK flea market in Ft. Lauderdale back in the early 1990s working for a mix cd store and was the only white employee at the flea market. In the beginning the customers didn't know my name so they just started calling me WHITE DAWG. The name stuck.
Do you play live?
I get 10 g's a show get at me!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I currently distribute all my recordings through my websites, believing electronic music distribution to be a major catalyst for change in the recording industry.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
YES for a Million or better!!!
Band History:
Born in Alabama, White Dawg moved to Broward County, Florida as a young teenager. His first venture was giving away his tapes at a small record store, Kotam Stereo, in the Oakland Park flea market.

Eventually he went to work for Kotam as a music buyer. His first demo recordings were made at home on his DJ equipment.He later enrolled at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale majoring in Music and Video. He additionally recorded at the studio of a friend he met at Kotam. His first single was "I Wanna Lick the Pussy" (1994), which became a regional club hit without the assistance of radio airplay. [1]

His follow-on single, "Restless," was released in 1999 reaching #18 on the Billboard rap charts. Thug Ride his second album sold over 30,000 copies, primarily in mom and pop record stores across the Southern United States.

Your influences?
Too many to name!!!!
Favorite spot?
Orlando 407 Orange County
Equipment used:
Anything else...?

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