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New Album ALL INSIDE OUT due October 2006 (Funky Business Music)

SLOW DOWN - Arrythmia
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An arty coupling of the music of Saville depicted by the flimwork of Richard Crandon UK and his team of young cinematoghraphers. (Edited EJW) The piece is a strong message about life, work and it's threatened consequence of imbalance.
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play hi-fi  THE THRILL BILL
play hi-fi  WHERE ARE YOU NOW ?
play hi-fi  SLOW-DOWN (Arrhythmia)
play hi-fi  DAYDREAM
play hi-fi  BUT COULD YOU ?
play hi-fi  ENDED
play hi-fi  INSIDE OUT (Topsy Turvy Song)
play hi-fi  IF I KNEW
play hi-fi  TUG OF WAR

Competent relaxed and confidently assured. A lovely vocal orientation of blended soul, blues, jazz and funk delivered with subtle passion”

"Basically, it's just damn good music that conquers categorisation”

“This is not stuck in the past smooth music but a raw emotional edgy aural collage from earthy through to techno...”

“a thoughtful and quite frankly remarkable collaboration...a richly atmospheric sound that generates emotion without resorting to flashy displays...”

“ They are the space between jazz, funk, mainstream and R&B that can't be obscured or defined by the boundaries of labels”.

“the unlikely musicians mesh warmly on several surprising compositions…”

"...Part of the band's magic comes from spare, refined arrangements - a Clark/Wilson production trademark"

"Edgy Piano backed up by raw native percussion and funky fusion elements"

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