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This Banger is the Hit for you! Beat Produced by (ApeMade) Hip-Hop Banger! 2018
Cpw 12/5/17. To purchase, Contact by email to
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Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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play hi-fi  STAR LIGHT- NEW HOT (*HIT*)
play hi-fi  Broken
play hi-fi  Different Universe*NEW*(HOTT AKON style)
play hi-fi  One Night*NEW*(HIT SINGLE)
HMONG Music Composer/Producer/Sound Engineer/Artist/Recorder/Writer

Hello Everyone! Im BACK!! Will be loading up many new Tunes soon! Stay tuned 2018! Contact if you need beats! Leased/Exclusive offers

Name use to be "IceyKongProductions" Since I came back from a 4 year break, Ive decided to change my Production name to *"ApeMade"* as my New name. All Instrumentals are "Original" Compositions
Mainly years from 2005-2014 Ive created.

My newest works, will be shown accordingly once I have everything situated. Stay tuned for this year 2018 for some new hott tracks ranging in 10 or more different Genre's

Why this name?
When I first started in 05 for the 1st time, I was clueless with going about a name brand or how the industry worked. I needed to make an Account quick, and randomly put down, IceyKong, (Productions), Never really thought about it, since my 1st name was growing. As life takes a turn around 2010, I took a break, to experience life outside of music as well at that time, I already had lost motivation and inspiration, to keep my production going as things started to die down in the Music production scene. I had nothing to lose and off I went for 4 years with out touching any music of sort, which was heartbreaking, since on the road for work. Story short, 2015, I decided to make a comeback and freshly restart what Ive already experienced. Figured, to change my name to "APEMADE". Which was Suggested to me by my Artists one day, who is also a Passionist EmCee for the Hiphop world. Ive once also heard someone, who once said my art was Ape!, I figured, BINGO.! The name worked well considering my Real Name Kong,(Kingkong kings of Apes) Coexisting along with a meaning behind the Ape Creature, to be a sign of success. 2nd'ly, From the comeback, I knew I was going to refreshly start with a more suitable matured name that made more sense behind the curtains.
Do you play live?
Ive once tryed rap lol! Can till throw down once in a while. In my early stages of music production, I wanted to test and experiment with rap since, my older bro was into that, which inspired me to do. Since I made instrumentals, Why not? Pretty cool picking up all skill-sets in many areas, in the world of music production. Figured to experience and grow from the arts, to only better the knowledge of creation. I once lost a Freestyle battle at young age due to me being super crunk before the show, on a weird fast paste beat chosen, along with the battle enery's all being my friends on that list, so it was bizarre battling my buddies, when we thought, we were going to battle other ppl who signed up, and 6 of us bros, ended up battling each other on stage and only ones signed up lol. At least i didnt choke though :D There was a good amount of ppl that came and supported, that was cool. You can find some of my raps on this page near the end of the list if you want to hear my weak raps LOL.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Never know.
Band History:
Took a 4-5 Year Break of music being untouched.
Been studying, listening, thinking out of the boxes of new ideas, experimenting, theorizing, and so on since my break untill 2015.

Been Creating new Genre's ranging from Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Film, Reggae, Reggaeton, Edm, Dubstep, Dance, Chill, Chillstep, TripHop, Trap, little bit of Country and of course, R&b/Pop/HipHop as my main workload, since, ive started in those areas. Many thats unreleased. Ive been lagging to release only because, the Lack of support and Customers to make this a business to deserve my product to show, since ive shown enough already, to hint others, plus I had been Freelancing my entire time and products over the years to, not make anything out of it. So ive been waiting on a new approach with in the music industry for a more serious opportunity, than let my time, to go to waste to only fall out in the run.

If you arnt feeling anything on here of my work, Dont hesitate to tell me what I need to work on ect. I love criticism and as well, dont hesitate to just "ASK" what you like and need. Im 100 Percent, I can do whatever pleases, and or Take the challenge to try any genre desired.. I only make what I feel, to upload, unspecified to anyone's tastes to go by, but with only what I create through the soul. I dont tend to follow the Trends in today's style of music, and try to be unique, although, still create whats trending when requested.

Its Grind time, and Ready to work with Serious Artists, Company's , Films, Movies, anything in the industry. Anything for Sync Licenses, or Licence contracts, ect. Please Contact me if You are needing anything. Im Your guy to make it happen..

Your influences?
The whole industry of music, doesnt matter the genre's. If It means something to feel and relate to sounds that can change a persons emotional thoughts, then its influenced upon me to hold and put forth an idea for my next compositions.
Favorite spot?
Studio time/ Food trucking/ Anything adventurous in nature
Equipment used:
Propellerhead 3.0/4.0 years 2005-2010 some on 2015.. As of 2015 ish, upgraded to Propellerhead 9.5, jumping from version 4... Impulse Novation

Dont need much gadgets. Its all in the Daw you use, and you the person behind that daw, is what makes Good music, Not the Gadgets and Bling to prove your worth
Anything else...?
"The Best and most Beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched! They must felt with the heart"

"Successful people keep moving! They make mistakes, but they never quit!"

"Pray Often, Work Smart, In GOD I Trust"

~ApeMade Music (Aka IceyKong)

Few of my latest tracks of 2015-2017

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