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Bordeaux France (Rick Ross Type Beat)
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My mother named me Brian Lashon Doby... I named myself Trill. Im a 20 year old rapper from Topeka Kansas. If I was to describe myself in one word, that word would be Music. Music is not a hobby for me, Its a passion. The person who made me start writing, was Dr. Seuss. When i was in school every project I did was in rhymes because i felt doing it any other way wouldnt keep me focused. His books got me into poetry, and poems transformed into verses. Ive come a long way since then. I went from being influenced by Dr. Seuss to musical influences like Carlos Santana, Michael Jackson, 69 Boyz, Craig Mack and Will Smith. When I began making music, I was told by many people that I need a fallback plan. My goal was to be so good that I'd never need one.
When Im not taking care of my daughter or working, I do as many shows as possible. Other than doing shows I appear on alot of mixtapes in the midwest. Recently my song "Showoff" was placed on Michael 5000 Watts' (Swishahouse) "Let ya Nutz Hang 2k11" mixtape, along with Klosed Custody's "Industry Lockdown" compilation. In between shows, projects, and
family, and everything else I keep my name out there by recording in my home studio and promoting myself on every possible social network along with handing out CDs on the streets. I have another single out called "Where I come from", which is getting radio play on Texas' 97.9 The Boxx and WorldCastRadio. This song was one of the first songs ever submitted by an indie artist to WCR, and the DJ's and staff liked the song so much that they created an entire independent artist segment on the show, where Im currently the #1 Independent artist.
People say "The Sky is the Limit" but I believe that theres something above the sky, and I intend to make it there in the future. My plans for the future are simple. Im going to continue to improve my talent on a daily basis. Im going to promote myself every chance I get. I going to continuously work harder than the next man, to achieve the goals that Ive set for me and my family. Nothing has stopped me yet and nothing ever will. I want to be someone that kids look up to, and I want to be financially stable. And I plan on getting to that point no matter what. A verse I wrote starts off:

"Ima as#hole - If youre a groupie take your a#s home
Cuz I got everything a man could ever ask fo'...
A family and Cash Flow- But If my cash Low, Ima be up in ya back doe'"

And that's how I feel. I plan on making hit after hit after hit in my future... no fallback. I have drive, talent and a great work ethic. Im young and the only thing I can do is elevate from here. Im a great addition to any song, group, or musical family. Im Trill.
Why this name?
I keep it real and always true... Trill
Do you play live?
I do alot of local performances around Kansas.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
How duz it not?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Feelings, sh*** thats on my mind that travels thru my mouth
Favorite spot?
Topeka, KS
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