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Guy E Trepanier
No Sunshine
New School
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play hi-fi  somethingsgoingon128uke
play hi-fi  moreorless128uke
play hi-fi  kickyouout128uke
play hi-fi  tellmethatylm128uke
play hi-fi  lovetodance128uke
play hi-fi  likeelvis128uke
play hi-fi  lovewithagirl128uke
play hi-fi  ohbaby128uke
play hi-fi  takeiteasy128uke
play hi-fi  whenithinkofyou128uke
Hello! I am a songwriter from Quebec, doing it as a hobby. Although I am an amateur, I hope that maybe someday I'll create one big hit song and get it performed by an international artist. Who knows? A real good song can make his way to the top, no matter how long it takes.

My songs are usually in french, but I try to make some in english. As of October 2014, I have more than 100 songs in english, most of them being adapted from original french versions.

I try to make songs in the genres Pop, pop-rock, country, folk. I like songs with a smooth beat where you can move your head, your hips and dance ... and sing along on catchy melodies.

I don't have a real singer voice neither the look, but I can make good songs for female and male artists.

o o o

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