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new music coming soon cd drops 4/9/07 can't wait
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o yeah i am still wishing to be the best
I hear tones of another your sounds. Keep up the great jams.

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in the wake of your lies quite heavy.

Thanks for your input. Here is how this song was recorded. A lot of what you think is off or out of tune is a tremolo effect. When I started out the guitar was tuned exactly as tight as possible with an accurate electronic tuner.
I play the tune with my hand resting on the tremolo and go "up" in tune regularly to give what I consider to be a different effect. Most tremolo is played going down in tune. I like it. It is sort of old fashioned type of slide sound without the slide. Listen to some old black blues records sometime.

The other thing about this is that this tune was not rehearsed at all.
I came up with the basic riffs then laid them down and played totally improvised for the whole thing. Some of the effects are really cool to me. The "ignition" of the guitar is one that I like a lot. It sounds like I am starting an engine with the delayed and exotic effects box.
The off beat is from never playing this before in my life. I take these recordings and work them over when I get time. Eventually there will be an official version. It is raw emotion expressed, not refined. I play what I feel at that time and the guitar just speaks it for me.
In your promotional song I can hear a serious DOORS influence on it. It reminds me of "THE END" just out of tune and off beat. I also hear some floyd inspired riffs in there as well.

I really wish you the best and can only say to keep practicing and doing what you love. Be well and god bless.
I can respect your musical theories and ideal but with all due respect you really need to work on the dynamics and timing of your songs. You're a bit out of tune as well. I may do hiphop now (for money purposes) but i've made my real mark in blues bands and a DOORS cover band I was in as the keyboardist (Ray manzareck) I can give you all the pointers you would like if you want. I think you have potential. I just think you need to leave the piano out completely and try some better drum machine lines.. and maybe learn how to mix all the riffs together better. Also learn to put some mastering effects on your music. You spent 50 dollars on a frontpage spotlight. You could have spent it on a music program with some good mastering effects or even a better drum processor/machine.

I really hope you can take constructive criticism. I will help you with anything you would like. Im not here to insult. Im here to help people get better. Let me know if you would like to hear any of my blues riffs or songs. Like I said.. I have ahiphop beats page where im selling 1 to 3 beats a day and earning 2000 a week. My LOVE is rock and blues. Take care friend and keep workin on it. Youll can only get better.
It is about style, and not following others. If you copy others, you sound just like them.
Thanks r3wt, I went back and found the "dead air" delay you were talking about in the "Baby Come Home With Me" tune.
way to go! heh...
Keep Rockin'. maybe would it be great if you could rework the tracks, the delay is rather disturbing from time to time. just a hint from an A/V specialist ;-)
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