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The Man in the Back of the Baby Blue Cadillac
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Bert Guy and the Up All Night Band
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Bert Guy
Bert Guy music 2007
Forever River Flow
Sat Apr 04, 2009
Blues : Blues Rock
Take charge
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The Man in the Back of the Baby Blue Cadillac

c/r Bert Guy Music 2007
Intro: Instramental

Verse 1

Well, I'd been back from Auburn

December of fifty-two

It was my first semester freshman year

I was lookin' for something to do

Well my dad said 'I gotta man here

Needs a ride to Ohio

He's got a guitar and a carton of beer

And now he's got to gotta go'

Chorus 1

Son I got his car out back

Yeah I got his car out back

The car out back is a baby blue Cadillac

Verse 2

Well, I knew I'd seen his face before

Or heard him sing on the radio

But right then he didn't look so good

And he was moving kinda slow

He looked high and lonesome

And weary to his boots

And he pulled a blue duster tight

Over a singing cowboy suit

Verse 3

We pulled over north of there

As it began to snow

We were well short of Tennessee

A long way from Ohio

And the man there, pumping gas

Kept staring through the glass

He knew he'd seen that face before

But never without his hat


He said, ' who's that man in the back?'

' Yeah, who's that man in the back?'

'Yeah the man in the back of your baby blue Cadillac'

Instramental: Verse, chorus, verse , verse , chorus

Verse 4

We stayed on in Memphis

Andrew Johnson Hotel

Some doc had to come and give him a shot

Cause his back was giving him hell

And he woke up sleeping in his clothes

Some guy from Ohio

(who said) 'you gotta be here New Year's night

Or turn around and go home'


So the porters put him in the back

They put him right there in the back

They put him in the back of the baby blue Cadillac

More Instramental: Verse, chorus

Verse 5

New Year's Day broke clear and cold

As we entered West V A

But my friend just wouldn't say a word

And he was lookin' kinda gray

So I turned that car around and pumped the gas

And high--tailed it back to town..

(Dramatic pause)

But the doc could only shake his head (and say)

'We can't help you, he's just dead…'


So he died right there in the back

Yeah he died right there in the back

He died in the back of the baby blue Cadillac