Swedish guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter and composer of melodic pop/rock/jazz songs and instrumental music.
Why this name?
C Norden means Claes Norden, so this is simply me myself. I have been playing alone during most of my playing "career". Playing togehter with others has its charm but also its compromises. I value keeping this important aspect of my life a little on my own terms.
Do you play live?
Nowadays not. At university I performed with my own songs at various occasions, which was fun and rewarding. After the university years, I enjoyed for some time to perform at private or company parties but in the end I got tired of the role as "entertainer". So I stopped, but I have kept playing and practicing for myself all the time since then.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I think this is not a valid scenario.
Band History:
Got my first guitar when I was seven. Started to play pop music, then went into classical and studied it for 10 years. Studied also piano 3 years. Started writing my own songs and music around the age of 15 and began making home productions.
Your influences?
My first influences came from Swedish, British and American pop of the 60's. Then a bit of classical music, mainly through my guitar studies. During the 70's then: all the progressive rock and selected songwriters - in particular Al Stewart. In the 80's I turned to jazz rock and jazz fusion, and again some more classical music.

Some important famous musicians:
Al Stewart, Michael Franks and Cat Stevens for songs.
Pat Metheny, Jan Akkerman (Focus) for guitar and instrumental tunes
Equipment used:
You will hear in my music: authentic classic, 12-stringed, and electric guitars, and piano. Drums, bass, strings etc are virtual instruments. The "vintage" production was produced with home recording technology of the 70-80s. For the recent productions I've used first N-track with various VST instruments, then switched to Garageband with its' built-in instruments.
Anything else...?
About my ambitions:
I try to compose melodic and relaxing, yet interesting, music. That is, the songs should have variation and details that "pop out", but also fit together in a smooth completeness.
I am first of all a guitar player but I want to play all other instruments with a noticeable skill too. I refrain from editing anything more complicated on the computer than I would be able to play live.
I want to sing in tune of course... And with some sentiment. This is difficult for me, but I am not after strong emotional expression anyway. I believe I sound a bit personal and I can just hope that it also sounds appealing.
Should be memorable and make sense, and make good use of the language. I like to pick up little events or observations in everyday life and around them I spin some fantasies, daydreams or reflections. I like songs that bring a conclusion, or a truth of some kind.

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