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Svengo Nada Limones
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SVENGO NADA LIMONES is a acoustic amalgamate of a mandolin, a Tiple (tee-play), and a steel string guitar, with occasional melodica tossed in and woven with percussion of great rhythic vibes..... the mind will warble and the soul will be moved by the circus of tones and carnival of sound that is contained within these gems of songs.....Beware of the cosmos during mar's lunar eclicpse in the west, facing north from the sound.... instruments all played by the great Tadley Sharpe after centuries of influence by many great gypsy's and muses.....
Why this name?
Strange potions and odd notions became pensive oceans of thought warm with hues of inspiration and perspiration, coming together in a heap of sonic glory we call music.....
Do you play live?
miami, florida, usa, earth
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
its gets the music OUT to people....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
2006..... started making music.... recording.....

coming soon: gigs!
Your influences?
buddy holly, george harrison, bluegrass - bill monroe, ravi shankar, billy preston, loggins & messina, alabama, georgia satelites, rolling stones, hollies, paul simon, carly simon, joni mitchell, beatles, david bowie, steve stevens, billy idol, muddy waters, little richard, chuck berry
Favorite spot?
miami, florida, usa
Equipment used:
a tiple, a mandolin, a guitar from Guild, a melodica, djembe, tamborine
Anything else...?
behringer small diagphram condenser stereo matched micrpohones, ART tube mike preamp, fostex mixers, bbe enhanced, recorded analog to fostex and tascam open reel and mastered direct digital to Marantz advanced CD recorder. Post production with Cubase & Magix audio lab.......
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