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Safe House
New School
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play hi-fi  raised savage
play hi-fi  where i come from
play hi-fi  beautifool eyes
play hi-fi  heart of gold
play hi-fi  energy drink think
play hi-fi  black roses
play hi-fi  punch em stab em featuring brand stacks
play hi-fi  keep it gutter you faggot
play hi-fi  they know
play hi-fi  willie nelson
chuck steaks is meskaline. 2 time mic fights champ, street dreams emcee battle champ, see me on tame ones new record "og bobby johnson" in stores around you scumbags. reppin boomskwad, the nobodies, all that hot shit..

see the new album timothy leary's mental museum the introduction here and download it for free to bump in your wack ass ford festiva and show your useless friends.

im an amazing human being, dont forget that.
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