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Daryl Crowley
NEWS   NEW CD "A Brand New Attitude"
Available Late December 2012
16 Original Songs
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Sorry Not Sorry (Young Thug Type)
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play hi-fi  Daddy Never Treats You Right
play hi-fi  Snake Eyes
play hi-fi  You Better Treat Her Nice
play hi-fi  You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory
play hi-fi  Right Between the Eyes
play hi-fi  Goin Down in Flames
play hi-fi  These Are The Times
play hi-fi  2AM
play hi-fi  Can You Hear That Song.mp3
play hi-fi  We Will Remember This Day
Most of the music here is music that I have written, which is my passion - writing and playing guitar centric music with lyrics that speak to and about real people.

While I spent a lot of time on the road in my younger days and played with a lot of great musicians and opening acts, I've been back at it for a few years after a really long hiatus.

Why this name?
I've been in a lot of bands.. now I work mostly alone.
Do you play live?
I live and work and play in Michigan.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I like that idea that songs have to sell themselves now. You can't force someone to buy a whole CD if there are only one or two good songs. All the songs need to be good, or people will just buy the songs they like.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I doubt I would appeal to a major label... but mabye a minor one that wasn't "strictly commerical."
Band History:
After many years on the road, many years ago. I'm now back to doing what I like best, writing and playing guitar centric music and lyrics.
Your influences?
I like any kind of guitar music from Lee Ritenour, to Johnny A, to Chet Atkins, Django, Metheny, Carlton, Merle Travis, and about a million other guitar players. Which is why my music is usually a mixture of several genres.
Favorite spot?
I don't really like cities, but my favorite is Chicago. Great music, and good food. I also like to fly fish in Alaska at every opportunity.
Equipment used:
I have an anfinity for hollow bodied guitars
Anything else...?
I hate the way music is lumped into categories, there should never be more that two catagories...
Stuff you really like, and stuff you don't like as well. Music is the greatest gift in the world, it should never be worn as a uniform.
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