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Ol'boy rivers
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Not really a band, More like a Musician. Howdy yall, Ol'boy rivers here. Im a honky guy from Backwater texas, Enjoying a rockin' chair and a good ol' guitar. Way of blues and classic rock at the moment, But mostely blues. Lately ive been into acoustic blues, So on and so on.
Why this name?
Ol'boy rivers is the cover of my music. The so called " Idol " For my music is infact Ol'boy rivers. Your average small town redneck boy with a guitar i guess. Spittin' image?
Do you play live?
Right now im a private player. Not really old enough to play out normally at bars and what not. Every here and there ill jam out with my uncle and a few of his pals, Have a good ol' time with lots of sound to cut for it.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well, Look at it. Im here posting up music on the net and seeing how it is up here. Gimmi' a while and ill tell ya'.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No...Im not much for the whole " Rich and wellknown " thing. Mabye one day when im hurtin' for money.
Band History:
Started playing when i was forteen. Started out on a Mitchell Classical Acoustic/Electric. Ten year old POS my uncle gave me. Got ahold of a marshall 3005 12watt lead. It all took off from there really.
Your influences?
Stevie ray vaughan is a MAJOR influence on my music. Guns n Roses is another HUGE impact on how i play and my tone. Really, The older stuff is the most of what i listen to. The Steve miller band, 38 special, Squirell Nut Zippers, Poisen, So on and so on.
Favorite spot?
The jam room!
Equipment used:
I use two Marshall 3005 12watt lead, Solid state. Pedals ive got a Visual sound Jekyl and Hyde Ultimate overdrive, Pretty wicked little pedal. And guitar, My Marie. A Stagg Strat Players deluxe that i love Oh so much. Two Slant cabnets loaded with Celestions, Both 110's.
Anything else...?
I hate most of the new music. I really do. Im a Goober freak on tone and how you get it. Pretty much, I dispise Digital effects and amps, Little hateful at analog too. Even though i play an analog based amp, Soon ill be all Valvestate.
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