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NEWS   Ya boy from Ca$hville!

This Is My Life: Chapter 2 coming soon for 2013.

This Is My Life available now!

Loyalty Is Everything available now!
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play hi-fi  So Hood ft. Sam Mac and O'Neil
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play hi-fi  #1 Loyalty (Intro)
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What up! This ya boy KD Tha 1! Welcome to my Soundclick.com page. Just to let ya'll know my new album is going to drop soon for tha 09' and its all buisness for me here in Ca$hville.Ya'll get at me. Thanks to all for the support. All the people who listen and downloaded my last album "This Is My Life" I thank You and hoped you loved the music and I know you won't be letdown with the new one. So keep checking in, its bout too happen!

Peace Out!

Kd Tha 1 "This Is My Life"

Why this name?
I did go by just KD when I was in Family 1st. But as I started working on my own albums I needed to seperate myself from other artist in the city and on the "net" named KD. So I added "Tha 1" I guess its meaning is just being me. Theres no other artist you can compare me too. I don't sound or rap like anyone else. I strive to be a voice in hip-hop!
Do you play live?
I've never performed live. A lot of my music isn't "club scene" or "party jumpers" though I have a few tracks like that. I'm willing but the setting has to be different when the crowd is more open to just dance tracks or catchy hook songs.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has changed it in a big way. The majors hate it. But they have to accept that music can be spread all around the world without their help or promotion. They had to adjust, and it has allowed artist like me to gain a fanbase not only in my city but nationwide. Now they search the "net" for talent because they know its there. Stars are born for tha most part on the internet now.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It will depend. I'm not going to sign anything without reading it. A lot of peoiple will and they'll throw away everything. The publishing, music rights, creative control,etc. just for 5%. Forget that. My deal will have to be right before thay get my signature on any damn thing. Hell, I'm doing good without them so its not like I have to rush and get a major deal.
Band History:
I started out at 15 just rapping with my best friends, Tredogg and BMW. We use to rap on tapes, ya know that old school, low quality music. Everybody did that back then. Then I was done for about5 years and joined up with my Bro and his friends to form Family 1st. We made 2 group albums and I also did 5 albums of my own. Now the group is dissolved and I'm under 1 ERA now and ready to drop my 6th album "Loyalty Is Everything" I'm still going strong!
Your influences?
My biggest influence to get into rap was Warren G. His style was just so smooth. There are elements of his in my style but not too much where your like "He sounds like Warren G". Everybody, I don't care who, was influence by someone in music too get into music. Even though your biggest influence should be yourself. I also luved 2Pac's music. He was just so all around, not too fancy, and just got to the point with his music which is the same approach I take. Nas & AZ are also in there. Just 2 New York niggas who could flow. There creative. 8Ball and MJG from tha south. Just RAW and lyrical too be from the south but they are. There just all about hey, heres the game, listen to us. They can drop it like no one else. Spice 1 was another. He was just cold. Could tell a story about the ghetto and hoods like he seen it first hand. And I bet he did. Its like your right there with him when he describes a story in a song. Just gritty, raw, and real. And theres some more but it would take forever to get to em!
Favorite spot?
My favorite spot is Ca$hville!!!!!!!!! Anywhere!!!
Equipment used:
A studio!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anything else...?
Kd Tha 1 "This Is My Life"

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