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Shambhala is an instrumental trio based out of the SF Bay area. The bands main componets are bass, drums and guitar. However, they also incorporate many other sounds than the core instruments they play live, such as Mark's beloved collection of random studio effects and Casio/Toy Pianos, or Eric's ethereal ambient guitar soundscapes. Josh plays an older Fender 69 Bass that gives their music a fat, huge, low end vibe... that stems from their influences like King Tubby or Bill Laswell. Classifying the style of music is rather difficult, it starts with Rock and has the aesthetic of instrumental Hip Hop and Dub.
Why this name?
It was taken from a book and we've been using the name since the band originally started in 1996. In 98' the first drummer Tucker was replaced by Mark Tarlton and they decided to keep the name since they'd already developed a following in their hometown in beautiful Los Osos, CA.
Do you play live?
Shambhala is playing all over the Bay area and beyond. We consider each venue, and the type of audience when deciding on a setlist, and really focus on trying to make everyone have a good time!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
"The internet has allowed our band to be heard by people all over the world. It also alows us to test out new material for fans and get an idea of what people like and what they're listening to. It doesn't matter if people copy or download our music because we want everyone to have the opportunity to listen and maybe if they like what they hear... they will come out and support us when we play live and buy an album or two!"
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
"yes! of course... duh! obviously it would have to be the right deal for both parties involved."
Band History:
The trio has played together for over 8 years and is currently working on a live show in support of their latest release "The Kings English"
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