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Sad Hill Cemetery
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play hi-fi  I Like War
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play hi-fi  (Has Anybody Seen My) Gypsy Girl?
This is my OTHER band page. Hi, I'm Road Apples, and I've created this page for my more acoustic, country-sounding music. For the rest of my stuff, which is more rock oriented (louder electric guitars, etc) please go to: Road Apples
Why this name?
It's where the gold was hidden. From one of the best Westerns ever: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Sometimes, I'm all three, to varying degrees.
Your influences?
This stuff is very definitely influenced by the great Johnny Cash, especially his Rick Rubin/American Recordings material. Throw in a helping of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Gram Parsons. Also the entire alt-country genre, including but not limited to Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Son Volt, Green on Red, Long Ryders, Rank and File, and many, many others.
Favorite spot?
SE British Columbia, in a small cabin in the Elk Valley. Never heard of it? Didn't think so!
Equipment used:
Please see my Road Apples band page for a listing; I'm too lazy to type it again.
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