RCC - Ryan Colin Cavemansacha
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We're a hard rock band from Ottawa with metal and psychedelic influences
Why this name?
it stands for Ryan, Colin, and Cavemansacha
Do you play live?
Hell yea... to book us email rccband@hotmail.com
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Let us read the contract
Band History:
Get ready for a big, long bio...

The first signs of the RCC trio date way back in 2001 when two friends Ryan Clouthier and Sacha Contant-Nagy started to like music. It became a big part of the two friends’ lives, and one day after seeing an Offspring concert on TV, Sacha and Ryan decided that this is what they wanted to do. Ryan quickly signed up for guitar lessons and used his uncle’s old fender. Sacha had always been attracted to the drums, and after watching a friend play he decided that this was the instrument for him.

They later found a singer and a bass guitarist that would be interested in starting a band. Unfortunately, by the time they were all good enough at their instruments to play in a band, the idea had been abandoned by the bassist and singer. This was the start of the long search for a bass guitarist that would lead to Colin Harris. In 2003, Ryan and Sach started to jam in his garage. That is where they wrote their first song entitled “A New Reality.” As this was happening, they were still searching for a bassist. They had auditioned several, but none could play well enough to be in a band.

2004 marked the end of Ryan and Sacha’s long search for a bass guitarist. Ryan had heard that Colin Harris, one of his classmates, had learned to play the bass, and after hearing him play, he decided that he was good enough to play in a band. They trio started jamming more and more until they were practicing every weekend. They eventually gave themselves the band name “Black Ace” and wrote the songs Confession, Glass, the Half-Time Song, Steps and No Tears (later renamed Lullaby). In the summer of 2005, the three band members decided to rethink their band name, since none of them were satisfied with Black Ace. Ryan had suggested the name RCC, which are his initials. After a bit of discussion, the entire band agreed on the name, although they decided to make the name stand for Ryan Colin and CavemanSacha.

2005 and 2006 were very productive years for RCC. Not only did they choose their permanent name, but they also had written a large number of songs, played their first few gigs, and had found their singer. After Colin had written the lyrics to Glass, he attempted to sing it. Ryan and Sacha saw some potential in his voice and made him the temporary singer. After working on his voice, Colin eventually became the permanent singer of the band.

The trio’s first gig was during ‘Coffee House’ at St. Pius High school. After several failed attempts to get more gigs, the band realized that it was time for them to record their music in order to get gigs. After months of preparation, the band finally started recording in May of 2006 and recorded 15 songs. After recording, they managed to play some more gigs. They played at ‘Do What You Wanna Do Night’ at St. Pius High school, at several parties and at the Infringement Festival.

The RCC set is mostly originals, with some classic covers. The band's goal is to create songs that incorporate sounds from all over the rock spectrum. It takes from one week to a month to complete a song, because RCC spends a lot of time working with the song's arrangement. Also, RCC tries to use a lyrical theme that has an interesting contrast with the melody. RCC's songs are usually written by Ryan, with lyrics by Colin. RCC's lyrical content cover a wide range of topics; however you feel there's an RCC song for you.
Your influences?
The Doors, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, etc etc
Favorite spot?
We gig locally.. so Ottawa
Equipment used:
Ryan plays with a Gibson Les Paul, and a black and white Fender Strat. He's ampified with a Marshall 2000 AVT head and Fender 4x10 cab.

Colin plays with a Squier 20th anniversary p-bass tuned B-E-A-D; Washburn XB-120 Bantam Bass with soapbar pickups; Crate BT100 bass combo; and Boss bass overdrive.

Sach's equipment: Tama Starclassic Drumset: One 10" tom, One 12" tom, One 14" tom, One 16" tom; 22" bass drum; DW 4000 double bass pedal. Cymblas: 17" Sabian crash, 18" Powerbeat crash-ride, 14" hi-hat.

Anything else...?
We've been playing together for over two years and love playing live.

For more info on us go to our site at www.rccband.ca.tf

Our MYSPACE is www.myspace.com/rccband
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