NEWS   For all you B-Mizzle fans! Yes yes yes, finally after almost a year out of the studio, I have a new track coming. It should be with you all within the next week. Lock your doors, turn up your damn speakers.....Mize is back smile :)
Hi and welcome to my soundclick page. I'm a Hip Hop artist from London, England. I tend to write my lyrics based on real life, so those who listen can really feel what I am writing. The feeling that people who listen can actually relate is just amazing and is the reason why I do what I do, and many other artists will agree with me.

I like a whole range of music besides Hip Hop so I will always give you feedback if you want it, or have commented on one of my songs.
Do you play live?
Yes, whenever I can, wherever I can. There is not a better feeling in the world when I am performing my own songs in front a live audience.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives people a chance to grow underground and also allows people to search for upcoming artists.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes of course.
Your influences?
My main influence behind music is life, the struggles, the survival, the roads people walk down to get to where they are. Artists such as Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), DMX, all helped me see clearly as I was developing my skills as an artist
Favorite spot?
Anything else...?
Thanks to all everybody who continue to support an upcoming artist like myself. Means a lot
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explicit lyrics
Dedicated to my best friend Curtis Lexx. This is an old track recorded back in 2009.
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explicit lyrics
Released October 15th 2013. Produced by Allrounda Beats. Thank you all so much for supporting me.
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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explicit lyrics
Released November 28th 2013. Great collaboration with a very close friend of mine, Curtis Lexx. Twitter - @CurtisLexx Produced by Allrounda Productions.
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Released September 17th 2013. Please show support and purchase your copy here! Produced by Sinima Beats.