NEWS   Hey all!

Hope you all had a fantastic new year! Wishing you all much luck for 2016. I have a few things planned as I have was a little quiet last year and didn't release the amount of music I would have liked to.

I have an EP currently in the early stages of production with Curtis Lexx (should be amazing) look out for that. Along with a few singles I will be writing and releasing throughout the year.

Once again thank you all who follow me on twitter and on here for supporting the newest things I have been tweeting and planning smile :)
Welcome to my journey. Feel free to play/download/share my tracks. Please be as honest as possible when leaving comments on a certain song you like as it will all help me to become a better artist in the long run. Many thanks for stopping by.....

Your influences?
So many, it's hard to list them all. But if you have a favorite artist and you also like my music, then there is a strong possibility that you're favorite artist is one of my musical influences........
Anything else...?
Don't forget to add me on the following social networking sites to keep up to date with new releases and performances. Thank you.

Twitter: @B_Mize2013
Instagram: @bmize_uk
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Released April 7th 2015! Brand new track produced by Breath Taking. Featuring @CurtisLexx on the hook and second verse. Please enjoy, share and download for free
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Much anticipated brand new single finally released November 1st 2014! Produced by BreathTaking Beats. Track mastered & Artwork by Haul (ESP Records)
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Released October 15th 2013. Produced by Allrounda Beats. Thank you all so much for supporting me.
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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Released November 28th 2013. Great collaboration with a very close friend of mine, Curtis Lexx. Twitter - @CurtisLexx Produced by Allrounda Productions.
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Released September 17th 2013. Please show support and purchase your copy here! Produced by Sinima Beats.