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Chris Platt
El Salvador's Jiquilisco Biosphere Reserve
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06/30/10 @ 04:02 PM     post a comment
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Travel & Places
This is a 2010 documentary I narrated for an El Salvadorean NGO called ecoViva.
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I am a trained, professional and versatile voiceover artist. Like every other V/O person in NYC, I do a bit of everything, including "industrials," (i.e., corporate stuff), animation, narrations (especially medical narrations), documentaries, character voices, voice acting, radio plays, some commercials, voicemail prompts, etc. I also have set up my own company to record a collection of 34 novels by a single artist into audiobooks. I have plenty of "voices" to go around, including a number of (apparently) hard-to-find dialects.

I love working on radio! For five years, I hosted a live, two-hour weekly talk show. Bottom Line Secrets, the most-useful show on radio, was nationally syndicated on the Radio America network. I still do regular radio appearances on a show called Nutz n' Boltz/Motorwatch. You can listen to some of my segments by going to

I probably have done work similar to what you are looking for. Please browse through the samples I've posted here to get an idea of how I sound in various genres.

I have my own digital recording studio, and can turn out your projects in your choice of formats -- MP3, WAV or AIFF. I am non-union.

I hope you like what you hear. I look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you on your project. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime.

At your service,
Christopher Platt