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Hip Hop
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Angel White
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play hi-fi  Disappearing
play hi-fi  Warm
play hi-fi  Happy
play hi-fi  A Note
play hi-fi  Just Like You
play hi-fi  Alt/Ctrl/Del
play hi-fi  Meissa
play hi-fi  Doesnt Mean Anything
play hi-fi  Days Like This
play hi-fi  Call You Out
Your influences?
Probably started with whatever my dad listened to,old Italian tunes,some classical,beatles and top 40 he would play on the home stereo and car.
Discovered Led Zep later in life (as a teen).During the hair band/new wave days got into blues then when rock became good again(early 90's)
dove into it again and never looked back.
Equipment used:
Strats and Tele and P-bass.Aria acoustic.
Recording on a Zoom MRS-8.
Anything else...?
Come visit me at my Myspace page:
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