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Darvak are a group of musicians who've been playing Persian music in San Diego since 1985. Their goal, in addition to friendship, crossing cultural bridges, learning the music, and having fun playing music, is to make Persian music accessible to young and non-Persian audiences.

See also Dornob for Persian dastgah music played with the collective spirit of jazz.
Why this name?
Darvak - literally "tree frog" - is the title of a poem by the father of modern Persian poetry, Nima Ushij. Set to music by M.R. Lotfi and sung by M.R. Shajarian in 1977, it remains a landmark in modern Persian music.
Your influences?
Persian music came to life again during the Iranian revolution of 1979. The outlook of musicians such as M.R. Lotfi and H. Alizadeh during that time affected us greatly.
Equipment used:
setar, tombak, oud, santur, tar, daf, ney, vocals.