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play hi-fi  Civil Unrest
play hi-fi  Rms
play hi-fi  Spunk
play hi-fi  Surrender
play hi-fi  Unwieldly Horse
play hi-fi  Precious Brain
play hi-fi  Lucidity
play hi-fi  Stickup (Featuring Rhazel)
play hi-fi  Voices
play hi-fi  WarFace
in the past I played in a few bands.
On this moment I am only busy with my own home grown music project
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure! :-)
Band History:
i played in some dutch bands. Vokslovak, Haarlemsche harmonie kapel (h.h.k.) and morzelpronk fortress.
Your influences?
i listen to all kinds of music, i do not listen to a certain style of music, i just love good music!
Favorite spot?
Gent (belgium) it's beautifull!
Equipment used:
not to much :-)
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