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Steve Gardner
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Hi there-I have been drumming for a number of years all around the Phoenix Metro area. I have played rock stuff, jazz stuff, country stuff, soul stuff. I find as I get older that I am moving away from the rock stuff more and more. I did not plan on doing that, but it seems to be happening. Maybe I should put a stop to that and get rockin more!
The music on this page is all done by collaborating over the Internet. I frequent a few different sites where musicians, songwriters and producers hook up and offer up parts on one anothers music. For example, I go to the site and someone is looking for drums to finish there song off. I download the drumless track and add my drum parts. I then upload the finished product. If they like it, I upload a separate drum mix. So, these are all Internet collaborations with folks from all over the world. I have a few samplings on this page. I tried to post a few different musical styles.
My gear? I am playing drums on a Roland TD20. I use a Presonus Firepod as an interface and record with Cakewalk Sonar. When I do any live gigs, I use a Spaun Maple kit.
Enjoy! Steve
Why this name?
I guess we can thank Mom or Dad for that.
Do you play live?
Yes, but just recording Internet stuff at this time.
Your influences?
Tower of Power, Beatles, James Brown, Yes, Old Genesis, Motown, Earth, Wind and Fire, Steely Dan, Chick Corea, Tribal Tech, John Scofield, Danny Gatton, Vinny Coluita, Dennis Chambers, Tony Williams, old jazz and blues standards. None of this is in order and there is tons more.
Favorite spot?
Mexico...its close and I get there quickly.
Equipment used:
Roland TD20 with vexpressions. Spaun Maple drums with Paiste Signature Cymbals. I use a Presonus Firepod with eight direct inputs. I am using Sonar 4 for recording.
Anything else...?
I am doing this part time. I am a Realtor in Arizona. Look me up if you ever consider moving here.
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