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The Jay Dyall Project
Hide Away
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12/18/15 @ 05:47 PM     1 comment
17,005 times
'Hide Away' Performed By The Jay Dyall Project Featuring Nigel Cuff
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And now, Here is The Jay Dyall Project!

Originally A Joint Effort consisting of members of BEATLESEX, American Lesley Jane and Songwriter Jayson Dyall and other artists performing songs written by Jay Dyall.

In other words, aside above mentioned names, any other artist(s) who perform a song written by Jay Dyall and released here on this page are considered part of TJDP!

Many different styles and genres, something for everyone!

Songs are available for Band(s) & Artist(s)looking to record new material.
If you would like to record a cover version of any of my songs, feel free to do so, and send me a copy to post here as well. Contact me.

If you are located in the South Florida area and would like to work on some collaborations, contact me at if interested.


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*Songs Produced by Lesley Jane and Jayson Thomas Dyall.
**Songs Produced By Jayson Thomas Dyall

Why this name?
Do you play live?
As opposed to dead?!?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Let's my music be heard world-wide and I'm able to publicly showcase it as well.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, Make me an offer I can't refuse!
Band History:
Jayson Dyall has been writing songs since a young teen in the late 70's and over the years (1981-1992) has played in several bands in Brooklyn, NY and has recorded demos with several singers as well. Although the Main Songwriter in bands he had played in, Jayson had always stayed in the background, either playing bass or keyboards and occasional guitar, while letting the spotlight shine on the lead singers of the band(s).

Until 1992, when, disillusioned by his band's inability to remain focused on breaking into the mainstream music scene, Jayson decided to go "Solo".

His first ventures into the recording studio in '92/'93 with musician/producer Rod Parker (Mariah Sounds Studios, Brooklyn, NY) yielded the preliminary versions of songs such as "Song Of Love", "Spider In The Mirror", "Blood Rushing", amongst others, as well as working with singer Darlene Bonilla on "Closing All The Doors".

Yet Jayson felt there was something missing. Something that would bring fresh life to his songs. In 1994, he met a person that will forever change the way Jayson records in a recording studio.

Lesley Jane was feverishly recording his own songs as well as producing several other artists at his studio (Artist Relief Studios, Ridgewood NY) when Jayson came across his ad. Upon meeting, the two hit it off well and began working on Jayson's songs. Taking the already pre-recorded tracks done at Mariah Sound Studios, Lesley added needed guitars and other instruments as well as lending his vocal talents to back-up Jayson's lead vocals (and taking the helm as lead singer on a handful of songs as well). Done in record time, the two completed those songs and set off on a marathon of new song recordings. Jayson learned a lot when it came to studio recording and with Lesley's help, became a better musician/songwriter/producer than he was aware he could be. When all was set and done, a total of 22 new songs had been recorded in late 1994-early 1995 including one of Jayson's biggest hit and somewhat-of-a-signature song, "S-E-X".

Family responsibilities became a necessary priority by mid-1995. Jayson semi-retired from music altogether, packed up his family and belongings and moved to Puerto Rico, where his then wife grew up, but less than a year later they divorced and Jayson later found his way to Miami,Florida.

But his mind could not rest and in the 5 years of this self-imposed "retirement"(1995-2000), he had written over 300 new songs. In 2001, he started compiling new equipment and instruments and began setting up a home studio, thus returning to the music he just couldn't let go. After recording over 150 songs as home demos (2001-2004), he decided to re-enter the music business as a songwriter/producer, writing songs for up & coming new artists and helping them record in various studios in Miami, as well as in his home studio, associating with other producers and musicians on the way. One notable recording was with singer Olga Soto on his composition and wedding anthem "The Love Within Your Eyes". But yet again, he started feeling there was something missing and took another hiatus.

After deep thoughts, he realized his most productive (and happiest) recording experience was with none other than Lesley Jane, who had gone on to form American Lesley Jane and BEATLESEX. They started communicating in the Spring of 2005, and continued corresponding over the next several months.

Taking a short vacation July 2006, Jayson returned to NY and took the opportunity to meet with Lesley and the two had agreed to work together again, albeit in an unorthodox manner, as Jayson was in Miami and Lesley was in NY. Thanks to the power of the internet and digital music technology, as of July 2006 to 2011, the two have embarked on ongoing recordings, with songs performed as by THE JAY DYALL PROJECT, a collaborative effort comprised of Jay Dyall, with contributions by BEATLESEX, American Lesley Jane, and an occasional guest vocalist(s) and other bands/musicians from time to time, with music ranging from 60's to 80's Retro influences to today's modern styles. The end results to showcase Jayson's Songwriting Portfolio and present to the world.
(They both got together again for a few sessions in 2012, yielding several Cover songs for an album calling themselves "The UnderCovers", but now under TJDP).

In 2013 Jayson returned to recording with guest musicians with new original songs.
As time goes on, The Jay Dyall Project's song list has expanded in quick succession.

Now, sit back and enjoy the songs.
Your influences?
From The Beatles & 60's British Invasion to 80's New Wave, Ska & Pop to 90's Alternative to Today's modern styles. We do a little of everything!!
Favorite spot?
Williamsburg/Brooklyn, New York;

South Beach, Hollywood, Sebring & Miami, Florida
Equipment used:
Musical Instruments. Duh!!

Anything else...?
Special thanks to BEATLESEX, American Lesley Jane, Vanessa, Rod Parker, Rob V!, Lenny Lopez, the late, great Vanessa Belarista (Mistress Of Sound), Olga Soto, and all the other singers and musicians who have worked on many of these songs.


And now, Ladies and Gentlemen! Esteemed Listeners and Fans! Here Are Our Songs!!!!

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