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NEWS   - Currently, we are in a well-known studio recording our 1st. album!

- We're trying to find a singer and a keyboardist for the band.
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play hi-fi  Buscame (Final 7x8) (Primer Ensayo Gtr-Bass-Drums)
play hi-fi  01 - Intro 2009 -Instrumental- (demo)
play hi-fi  02 - Buscame 2009 (Demo)
play hi-fi  06 - El Grito 2009 (Demo)
play hi-fi  Buscame (Primer Ensayo Gtr-Bass-Drums)
play hi-fi  Sin Control (Primer Ensayo Gtr-Bass-Drums)
play hi-fi  Partes 1 (Primer Ensayo Gtr-Bass-Drums)
play hi-fi  Partes 2 (Primer Ensayo Gtr-Bass-Drums)
play hi-fi  Partes 3 (Primer Ensayo Gtr-Bass-Drums)

ROD: Guitars, backing vox.
EDU: Drums, percussion.

N.A.M. 2 is not other than N.A.M., that managed to reach the top of the rankings of its genre in several occasions.
The original N.A.M. line-up has its own page at SOUNDCLICK (, under the "Spanish Rock" subgenre.

Listen to our 1st album demo tracks (1st line-up: Rod, Fonz & Rick) at: NAM
And some unrealeased "duo" demos (by Rod & Fonz, from 1st line-up) at: PROJEKT NAM

Sadly, destiny made it impossible for some members of the band to continue.
However, we wanted to go on with this project with a reformed line-up, and to show you our material, re-arranging the previous songs, making alternative versions and composing new stuff. And -of course- with the idea of going out to play live again.
That's the only reason for which we decided to create another page on SOUNDCLICK. And, though it was necessary to add a number 2 to the page's name (, the band continues to N.A.M..

We hope you'll enjoy us!
Do you play live?
Right now we are at a very special moment, but we've been playing in ARGENTINA with our first line-up and we are anxious to play live -urgently!- with the new members!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not yet...
Band History:
- Since 1991, ROD & FONZ have been playing together with different people, trying to make a band (372, MAIDAY, DEE-LAY).

- Then, they met RICK and formed QUASAR (touring Argentina), until in 1994 they formed N.A.M. for good and started to record their 1st CD "Al Final del Camino".

- Sadly, lacking two stable and very important members (bass-player and drummer), the band composed and recorded as a trio for a long time, without playing live.

- Later, FONZ's emigration to another country and RICK'S impossibility to play live, complicated everything more.

- Meanwhile, FONZ & ROD started a new project together (PROJEKT N.A.M.) to show new demos as a duet. In the future, those songs would be turning part of N.A.M.'s digest.

- Likewise, RICK & ROD continued with the arrangements, edition and mixing of N.A.M's first CD ("Al Final el Camino"). But despite this, the work could not be completed at all.

- N.A.M. & PROJEKT N.A.M. managed to reach the top of the rankings of their genres, in several occasions, with different tracks, being kept at the top for a time.

- ROD continued composing songs to re-arm the band (with the approval of the ex- line-up) . Other members, like SHISUS (bass) & HERNAN (voice/keys) joined to N.A.M., but soon they left the band, looking for new horizons.

- Then, ROD met EDU (drums) and finally ADRIAN (bass) on 2009, and the chemistry between the musicians was almost immediate, sharing similar tastes in all the music, fellowship and cool jam sessions.

- Nowadays, they're making alternative versions and re-arranging N.A.M.'s classic songs, and giving definitive form to PROJEKT N.A.M.'s and other new demos, and working hard with a strong view to future recordings and live performances.

The spirit of N.A.M. is alive!...

Your influences?
Rock & Pop with a twist of Neo-Prog an Alternative. Some people think of N.A.M. (and PROJEKT N.A.M.) as "Post-Prog Rock & Pop".
However we like to mix different influences and styles, you will notice it on each song. What influences? Genesis, Marillion, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Sylvan, Riverside, Asia, Mike & The Mechanics, Saybia, etc.
Favorite spot?
Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Equipment used:
All we can use!
Anything else...?
If you can't stream Hi Fi, N.A.M. suggests that you download the song (clicking "MP3") instead of streaming Lo Fi. There is a huge difference in quality.
Lyrics are in Spanish, just click on "Lyrics/Story" to see them along with a translation into English and Portuguese.

Your comments are welcome: NAM 2 message board

Visit us also at:

Our blog:

Thanks for your support.
1st. DEMO (EP)
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