Komo Beatz
What U Like ft. Cory Jones | *HITTER***
Instrumentals with Hooks
Hook by Cory Jones. Purchase the HQ (.mp3) Standard Lease for $40. Contact KomoBeatz@gmail.com for further details. Twitter - @KomoBeatz IG - @Komo_Beatz ***CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN*** Also available without hook.
Ezra Tull
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play hi-fi  Girl of My Dreams - Preliminary Cut
play hi-fi  Walk Away - Preliminary Cut.mp3
play hi-fi  Mistake - Preliminary Cut
play hi-fi  Drama Free - Preliminary Cut
play hi-fi  Dominos - Preliminary Cut
play hi-fi  Dark Side Honey - Preliminary Cut
play hi-fi  Valentine
play hi-fi  My Planes
Do you play live?
Not yet. The band currently consists of three core members, Danny Robinson, Keith Dixon and Randy Ellison. Currently we're beginning work on the 2nd Ezra Tull album. Once that's complete we'll begin scheduling some live performances.
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