NEWS   Had a song recorded in new Zealand by a ministry group there. They've been excited there.
Marty and Marcella equal MMissary. More songwriters and musicians than performers who wish to share their songs and music. Christian Songwriting is our main focus though Marty does do
instrumental arrangements. Marty is a former Administrator for the Christian Songwriting Org and has written articles for the Christian Magazine "Songwriting The Journal". Marty has and does collaborate with other songwriters. Marty has spoken at songwriting workshops. Marty is also a retired Music Director and still participates in his church choir.

Imperfect as we are we receive good comments and have seen some usage of our works by others. After all.."We are all a work in progress".
Why this name?
Both our names start with M and songs we sing, ours or others share a message. So MMissary signifies the two of us as one, for the One, in the One as messengers of song that we hope you enjoy and touch you in a special way.
Do you play live?
We haven't played live in some time due to my physical limitations from back suregery a few years ago though we are willing to do short programs. I use to play and teach long before we were married but settled down to just a few events and directing choirs and other such things after we were married. I always enjoy playing. I still sing and play in our church choir though I no longer direct.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Not sure it changes anything other than it now allows us to present our music to others in the hopes others will find it meaningful and useful, enjoyable and memorable.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the contract. We turned down one some years ago because we would not have had control over the material we did.
Your influences?
I always have enjoyed Glen Campbel; Paul Stokey; Maranatha; and others that were more into acoustic music, folk, and light pop or rock. I play guitar and some keyboard. Although my own kids put me to shame at times.:-)
Favorite spot?
I like the quiet forrests and lakes of mountains.
Equipment used:
I play a Dillion Acoustic Electric Guitar and an Ibanez 12-string. I also use a Roland XP50 keyboard for background accompaniment when needed.
Anything else...?
Marty and Marcella - MMissary2in1
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What the birth of One Child would mean.
A SoundClick Top 10 song
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Written for an Aunt who was near death.
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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Asking the Holy Spirit to shine thru us.
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A remake of an 1800s Hymn
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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Do we see Christ in our own reflection of our life.
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Without God things lose their meaning.
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If You'd Only Listen To My Love
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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In the things we do from day to day He is always there.
great music and sound..hello my name is Pastor Cody Blake and I love your music..I have 4 new tunes here stop by and have a listen...God Bless..
Hey Marty, your keeping busy I see. Great site and I love your music. Take care buddy.

God bless,
Dave Byers
Just stopped by and thought that i should just say i loved "Carry my tears". God bless ya.
Independent Artist
Add yourself to the "Born to be Country"
map and leave your link.
Grinnin...atcha...Snny & James
Stopping by to wish you a very happy Holiday from us and ours to you and yours! May '07 be a great year with more great music for all of us!

Your friends in music,
and a HAPPY NEW YEAR and Great
Luck with your career in 2007.

Grinnin...atcha...Snny & James
hey, I listened to your song "Peace At Last"...very mellow and relaxing, not to mention enjoyable, very nice work...i voted it HOT to give it a extra push in the charts...i would like if you came by and listened to my instrumental sometime, thanks and much respect

As a
musician, (after reading the attachment below that my dad sent me), I
realized there was something that I could do as well in the war against
Christmas. I wrote a song called 'Gabriel' you can listen to it for free
If you believe as I do, that this song will affect people in a
possitive way about true meaning of Christmas then please click this link: It is sun fm, a local
secular radio station that has a copy but is hesitant to play it because
they don't think anyone wants to hear Christian oriented Christmas
music! Finally, please read the attached article and pass it along, the
enemy has succeeded in kicking Christ out of our public
schools, lets not stand still and do nothing while Christ is being
kicked out of Christmas!!! Thankyou, God bless you and, oh yeah... Merry
----- Original Message ----- From: Operation Just Say Merry
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2006 10:52 PM
Subject: The War against Christmas Rages on...What Can YOU Do?
The War against Christmas is on
and every Christian is needed in the battle
to keep Christ at the center of this holy season. Tired of being told
"Happy Holidays"? Forbidden to say "Merry Christmas" at work? Have you
looked around in vain for a Nativity Scene in public, or while you shop
at the mall?
For those with eyes to see, many hostile forces within our own
Country and abroad are trying to do away with any recognition of the Birth of
the Infant Jesus during His Season, the Christmas Season. Last year in
an effort to reclaim this holy season for the Nativity in our
community, we launched Operation Just Say "Merry Christmas" to encourage folks
to proudly proclaim "Merry Christmas" once again. To our surprise, this
effort gained national attention and we heard from many of you about
Out of 24000 songs on soundclick the Lord took me to your song Carry My Tears.What an inspiration that has been.A beautiful song that is definately a great source of strength when times are difficult.We never know who's heart we touch with our music but your song has definately touched mine at a time most needed.Many thanks keep up the good work and god bless you always.
I would like to invite you to come and take a listen to some of my original Christian material. Please take a listen to He's Living in me, and Oh I Believe, I am considering and album, I would like some feedback before I do.
I don't want to do one if I'm not ready or good enough.
Hey Marty and Marcella, I stopped in for a listen. Hope you are doing well. God bless you in life and your music.

Much love,
Pass me not, I love that song. Please come visit our page. Beautiful!
My Boyfriend Roland Bowman is singing a Roy Cost song today only at then you just click on the red guitar to hear the show. TY Betty Smith

The Roy Cost Wednesday Radio Show
Posted by Roy Cost on 6/21/2006, 2:36 am

The Roy Cost Wednesday Radio Show in Conway, Arkansas USA

Johnny Kossman....Whisky, Tears & Trains
America's, The Shadows.....Wind Down
Bobby Atkins...Singing The Blues (Endsley)
David Fox.......Friend Minus 'R" Equals Fiend (Sponaugle)
Barbara Dunn & Ray Jones...I Get High On Jesus (Tidwell & King)
Roy Cost....Hard Hearted Woman
Linda Wright, demo by Rachel Williams..We Fell Hard
Joyce Ramgatie....Joyce Radio # 2
Joyce Ramgatie....Shannon Bay, The Single
Buddy Sims....Treat Me Like You Love Me (Murr & Sims)
Kitty Houston...Hey Baby This Is Rock And Roll (Murr & Houston)
Karen Dee....Have You Hugged A Witch Today (Dixon DeVore)
B. Jeff Stone & Patricia....It's Such A Pretty World Today (Noe)
Roy Cost...The Fall
Roland Bowman.....Lonely Tears (Roy Cost)
Dixie Harrison....You Come On Like A Storm
Bruce Greaves.....Pretty Thing (Yarborough)
Martha Welch....If There's No Tomorrow (Welch & Leach)
Roy Cost....Don't Wake Me
Ann Pascoe....On The Menu (Ann Pascoe)
Bill "The Saxman" Bodell.....King Of The Road
B.J. Gassaweigh....I See Your Face In The Moon
and Rabbit In The Briar Patch
B.J. Gassaweigh...The Train Wreck
Alan Cost.....Beyond My Control