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NEWS   The NEW 6 CD SERIES "TURNING THE BLACK SKIES BLUE AGAIN" is NOW AVAILABLE in an extrememly LIMITED PREVIEW EDITION. Each Disc consists of numerous tracks all mixed smoothly together into one piece and given only the 1 initial track ID point. The first Volume, Love Like a Veiled Threat is slated for release on the magnifinicent EIBON RECORDS out of Italy, and we are open to discusiion with anyone interested in releasing the Volumes that follow. Also, our friend and Troumster STEFAN finally succumbed to my wheedling and has consented to release a NEW 7" by ASIOANOVA on DRONE RECORDS. No word on a date yet but perhaps by Summertime as I already one side close to finished and it is sweet indeed. In addition to all this, a cosmic alignment of celestial proportions has seen to it that the 1st ASIANOVA CD "Burning the Blue Skies Black" will be reissued (with an additional 9 minutes of material tacked onto "Chaotic Vision") by WHITE RABBIT RECORDS of Germany with a special new packaging. This, my 1st ever self-released project, never realy saw the light of day by any means other than seling them locally in record stores in tiny dribs and drabs, shipping a few off here and there to gracious patrons like DRONE (After being pestered incessantly,mind you!) Out of the 500 pressed there's only a few that actually reacxhed their intended target. But the result of it's impact has continued to astound me and resulted in my continued delvings into thosee ASIANOVA recordings I made all those years ago with Pam, Wilhelm and Katkishka. The result is noit only the 6 Cd series I've just completed, but many other CDS and releases to come. Enjoy these mp3 excerpts from the 6 CD series, but for the full experience, order the full set from my e-mail address:
for only $8 a disc + postage
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play hi-fi  Sun-Bear meets Moon-Dog
play hi-fi  Vo11Love Like a Veiled ThreatTr2The Pounds of Love
play hi-fi  Love Like a Veiled ThreatTrk5 Black is Blue Tiful
play hi-fi  Vol 1Love Like a Veiled Threat Tr 6 Celestial Raga
play hi-fi  Volume 2 Nether Nether Land Track 2 Welcome to....
play hi-fi  Volume 2 Nether Nether Land Track 5 Space Raga
play hi-fi  Volume 2 Nether Nether Land Trk 8 Major Mire
play hi-fi  Vol 3 Tripped Itch Tr 1Cream Nation
play hi-fi  Vol 3 Tripped Itch Tr 5 Scabrous
play hi-fi  Vol 4 Suite Dreams Tr2 Beat me Down Sweetly
'With the sunbear chased off by a moon dog that offers chaotic visions we have burnt the sky till it is black, we had some dreams and felt like we were flying. But all that's behind us as we realise we have only fallen from the light....'
['burning the blue skies black' review from Remote Induction]

'Dark and brooding, ambient textures, flowing extended drones, angelic background vocals, and gently pulsing (chugging) percussion are the main elements that make up the sounds on "Burning the Blue Skies Black." I find this release to be of excellent quality and overall composition.'
['burning the blue skies black' review from Last Sigh Magazine]

'This release consists of great swelling, bloated atmospheres of massive drone proportions slanted toward a tribal aura. Elements build, direction is focused, and the results are stunning. When concentrating quite hard on detail one may detect tones of guitar and resonance of female vocals, but these are mostly disguised within the drawn-out drone process. Deep fog horn drone atmospheres and disembodied voices make for a tense yet ambient listen of Lustmordian quality. There is some involvement in this from Ure Thrall (also a member of the Smooth Quality Excrement project) thus reference to the reviews of these other outputs in these pages will reveal that there is a definitive high standard at work here and likewise very worthwhile.'
['burning the blue skies black' review from Spectrum Magazine]

The above reviews say it best. Asianova is still my favorite improvised collaboration of the many I've embarked upon as Ure Thrall since 1985 and still gets the most public response and sales of all. This, in my opinion, is primarily due to the great musical abilities of my collaborators who wished to be known as "Wilhelm" and "Katkishka" for this project.
Due to popular demand several new releases from Asianova are in the works and besides the tracks from the first release, heretofore unheard and unreleased tracks will surface here and then disappear as I circulate them to keep it fresh.
I've been told by some that "Burning the Blue Skies Black" is one of the best Dark Ambient releases ever made. I hope to surpass that standard in the near future with upcoming ASIANOVA releases.
Why this name?
After Eons of domination by the western world on this planet, it seems past time for the EAST to rise again. ASIA has a much older and richer cultural base than any currently existing western society, richer in beauty, complexity and ethics than most of what exists in the past or present of Modern Man. One can only hope for a resurgence of such a magnificent philosophy in our society, bursting forth like an exploding sun to wipe away the tawdry materialistic basis for our problematic existence. One can only dream of an ASIANOVA
Do you play live?
ON Rare occasions but nothing is forecasted at present. There will be recordings of past live performance excerpts released soon, however.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
FOR THE BETTER. ALL MUSIC SHOULD BE FREELY EXCHANGED and PAID FOR ONLY BY "patrons" of the arts who can AFFORD to shell out the ridiculous amount of $20 for 60 minutes of pre-recorded music
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes of course, as long as it suited my purposes and enabled me to self release stuff as well.
Band History:
Asianova 'Burning the Blue Skies Black' was the first work to be produced and "released" on CD and we are also now passing the tenth anniversary of this wondrous series of collaborations featuring the members of VOICE OF EYE and Ure Thrall along with his partner at the time, chanteuse Pamela Passmore. Back in 1991-2 the scenario was basically just two friendly couples spacing the night away on a wild ride through self-manifested cosmosonic drifts. But after repeated listenings of these sessions a sense of validity and purpose revealed itself and thus I compiled the majority of these recordings into a series of Asianova cassettes on my homespun label DISCORPOREALITY in 1995. To celebrate this occasion, 2 more Asianova CDs are in the works to be released by the end of 2002. The working Titles are: "Love like a Veiled threat" "Turning the Black Skies Blue" Only some of the tracks previously appeared on the Asianova cassette releases (limited to 40 copies each) but all songs are remastered and re-edited by u-r-i in 2001-2 for these CD-R releases.

The origins of the Asianova sessions started with my year long improvisational collaboration with Jim Wilson under the name CRUOR in 1988. Things were attempting to take on a more structured format within the parameters of our improvisations and I then began focusing more on the harmonic aspects of composition. At this point experimental flautist / vocalist Bonnie McNairn and finally noizeman Tim Sternat joined the group. After many live performances in the fledgling electronic music scene of Houston, Texas, my focus dwindled and CRUOR disbanded. Later they reformed as ESOTERICA LANDSCAPES SEVEN and after numerous ambitiously convoluted performances they disbanded only to reform again (minus Mr. Sternat) as the now legendary VOICE OF EYE, with Ur’s truly sitting in only on rare occasions (resulting in my appearances on two tracks of the Voice of Eye CD releases). In my absence I spent this time focusing on my intuitive compositional skills and only occasionally jamming with Jim and Bonnie.

In 1991 I went into the Cyclotron studios with Jim and Bonnie and Pamela Passmore to record a lengthy series of improvised sessions continuing until 1993 which have since been compiled into the first ASIANOVA cd and several cassette releases as mentioned above. Even more sessions were recorded with Pamela Passmore absent and these were rather nice as well. They were edited and released on Discorporeality under the oft-used moniker 'NOCTURNE' and will eventually be assimilated into the newer Asianova releases. During this period VOICE OF EYE was hitting their prime, recording and releasing 3 incredible CDs as well as 2 collaborative CDs with the group LIFE GARDEN. But after the release of 'Transmigration' in 1995 their focus shifted to preparing for the coming apocalypse by building themselves an elaborate EARTHSTATION in Taos, New Mexico. Apparently after years of continuous performing, rehearsing and recording their incredible music to suit their extremely high standards, they expressed to me repeatedly their dissatisfaction with the limitations of the genre on many levels. In spite of the fact that I’ve never witnessed more amazing and intense live performances from a duo in my life, they were unhappy with the imprecise nature of performing in general (perfectionists!) as well as the limited rewards exacted from all their tireless hard work and ambitious musical endeavours over the previous 8 years. (Can anyone relate?) Nonetheless I and many others feel the absence of Voice of Eye keenly and I know they’re still making music out there in Taos. The question is will we ever hear any of it?

Asianova was the result of numerous generous invitations by Jim and Bonnie to record with them in their studio, and without their tireless dedication to seeking out new forms of emotional musical expression I don’t think I’d have ever come close to creating anything like it with anyone else. It certainly was what I was shooting for and the tracks we recorded often seemed guided by the will of the cosmos, which for me was what improvising was all about: leaving ourselves open to channeling that guidance. I dream constantly of an Asianova reunion of sorts and can only imagine what magick would result.

Discorporeality # 6: Asianova (self-titled)
Discorporeality # 12 The Sun is Burning
Discorporeality # 14 Falling….into the Sky
Discorporeality # 18 The Wonderful World of Silence
Discorporeality # 19 Love Like a Veiled Threat

NOCTURNE CASSETTE RELEASES (Jim Wilson, Bonnie McNairn, Ure Thrall)
Discorporeality #5 Shades of Night
Discorporeality #8 What Beauty Lies in the Shadow of your Eyes?
Discorporeality #15 Space Ragas

Discorporeality # 21 Hits from Davy Jones' Locker (Wilson / Thrall)
Discorporeality # 22 Blood Which Flows from the Wound (Wilson / Thrall)
Discorporeality # 23 Mass (Wilson, McNairn, Sternat, Thrall from live performances)
Discorporeality # 24 Red Metal (Wilson / Thrall)

Other appearances:
Discorporeality # 16 NIGHTSHADE 'Black Harvest' (Wilson, McNairn, Thrall LIVE)
Discorporeality # 10 NIGHTSHADE 'In an Ashen Grave' (Wilson, Valsecchi, Thrall)
Your influences?
Voice of Eye
Troum / Maeror tri
Lustmord (old)
Dead Can Dance / Lisa Gerrard
Chris and Cosey / CTI
Legendary Pink Dots / Edward Ka Spel
Current 93

Favorite spot?
The tops of the Rocky Mountains
Equipment used:
I'll never tell
Anything else...?
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