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Why this name?
Ronvese well first i started out with Verse-Atile, but the hyphen thing is too much like jay-z, so i just kept my name verse, then i heard some dude in new york has that name, So now its Ronverse as in Converse
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it gives artist a chance to build their fan base, due to them living in places where the genre they are in, is not popular, they internet helps them promote their music, i think this is a obvious answer
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah, but i have to be satisfied with what the contract has to offer, i dont wanna be signing a contract where they f me for points
Band History:

Your influences?
I dont believe my rhymes or delivery has any influence by a rapper out there, but i do listen to certain rappers but my progression has to do with the mistakes i make from my previous tracks.
Favorite spot?
Favorite city-kuwait ,favorite country-afghanistan lol
Equipment used:
Mic Condenser, Mic Stand, pop filter, phantom power.
Anything else...?
hmmm im gonna quote some of my recent rhymes that i like.

"verse spits with any adversative purpose when the ink drops, they say im good,but thats just the first word they can think off" - Pyramids

"when i hear a beatiful beat, i rhyme much greater, i r@pe it then watch it have my kid like nine months later" - Pyramids

"back then you were a kid to me and i guess i was a kid to you, i paid more attention to your best friend then i actually did to you" - Still on my Mind
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