Von Blink
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Von Blink is pure sensual energy, primal music, tones to vibe on, to enrich your senses and permeate your pores with a new richness. Riddems and beats come together with washes and etheral vocals from singer Danielle. The cosmos reverberates with ethos of a diffferent color every time Von Blink is played. Keyboards and sample programming is done by Professor Kiblay Skrags, famous in his own mind and then some
Why this name?
it fit the essence, the organism and the energy of the music, and the stars spelled mayhem and it felt so right
Do you play live?
we live on the third rock from the sun, in the upper hemisphere in a country called AMERICA...... a state of pandemonium called florida, a little city of fools and cretins referred to as MIAMI, land of the killer bikini......
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it enables new people to hear more music
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
the professor puts out an ad and it was responded by a muse of a different nature...... unique things occured and hence VON BLINK was made in the time it takes to blink.....
Your influences?
? and the mysterions, YES, Goldfrapp, Cars, Kraftwork, synths, madonna, classic disco, techno, eurotrash,
Favorite spot?
san frisco, fort lauderdale, new york
Equipment used:
Nord NL2x, korg prophecy & yama dx101, korg electribe,
Anything else...?
PC w/lots of samples, cubase, sound forge, guitars, yamaha ry30 drum machine
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