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play hi-fi  Heart U Jam - (RG321)
play hi-fi  Funk-fusion Jam take (RG470)
play hi-fi  Psychedelic Jam take
play hi-fi  SHREDHEAD - Almost a Ballad Jam Take
play hi-fi  DS-1 BritMod Funk Jam (hellbabe meets tele)
play hi-fi  DS-1 BritMod shredmanila jam (RG321)
play hi-fi  DS-1 Brit Mod QUICK DEMO (RG321)
play hi-fi  smoothbt 1-take bullsheet (RG321)
play hi-fi  DS-1 British Mod - MarkV (RG470)
play hi-fi  blue hawk! shaider!
Your influences?
guthrie govan, vai, paul gilbert, greg howe, richie kotzen, blues saraceno, vinnie moore, yngwie malmsteen, andy timmons, mattias eklundh, bret garsed, christophe godin.
Favorite spot?
Home, band gig/events.
Equipment used:
Main guitar: ibanez RG321 w/ duncan 59N & JB, BB Preamp, Boss BD-2 Keeley, Boss DD-3, Boss DS-1 British Mod, Shredhead Distortion, Jazz III Ultex Picks.

Backup guitar: ibanez RG470 w/ dimarzio HFH & Breed
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